Earlier this year, the natural products industry gathered in Anaheim, CA, for the largest trade show in the naturals space, Natural Products Expo West. Categories include organic and household cleaning, lifestyle, supplements, and so much more. As we are preparing for Natural Products Expo East (the sister show to Expo West, held in Philadelphia, PA, in September), we wanted to take a look back at all of the innovative and emerging trends we saw at Expo West. From plant-based proteins to sustainable packaging, here are some of the major trends we spotted and the brands leading the charge.

The Power of Superfoods

These nutrient-dense powerhouses, often hailed for their exceptional health benefits, have become a focal point for those seeking to optimize their well-being. Superfoods encompass a diverse range of natural, whole foods that are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients.

Earnest Eats incorporates whole oats, quinoa, and amaranth into their oatmeals for an invigorating, fiber-rich and delicious start to the morning. If oatmeal isn’t for you, Wella’s grain-free cereal is crafted from almonds, coconut, chia and flax seeds, making it full or protein and fiber. 

Brass Roots is pioneering the Sacha Inchi Seed, aka the "Incan Peanut." It is eaten just like a nut, but with more protein, fiber, and omega-3s while being free from tree nut and peanut allergens. This New Orleans-based company is on a mission to provide sustainably grown healthy and delicious snacks that give back. Their entire range of keto-friendly, plant-based products use organic Sacha Inchi Seeds as a nutritious and allergen-friendly source of protein, healthy fats, and fiber to keep you satisfied all day long.

Brutal is challenging the status-quo around plant-protein and clean eating by offering a better snack choice. Their goal is to influence positive change in people, their health and the environment. They are introducing 'Chocho' lupin bean, a variety of lupin that grows at an elevation of 11,000 to 14,000 feet, in the Andean region of Ecuador, superior in nutritional value, and environmental impact. This puff snack will come in three delicious flavors, packed with protein.

Yolélé is an African food company that creates income opportunity for smallholder farming communities by connecting them with global markets for traditional climate-resilient ingredients like fonio, the ancient West African grain. Yolélé uses these ingredients to create delicious foods that allow anyone to enjoy bold African tastes. Fonio is a gluten-free African grain that's good for you and the planet. 

ChildLife Essentials has a mission to improve, enhance and support a child’s health for life. As a pediatrician, Dr. Murray Clarke was seeing more and more kids develop immune deficiencies, allergies, asthma, ADD, autism and various skin conditions so he founded this company to ensure all kids to get optimal nutrition. Their products range from probiotics to immune core essentials to herbals and more.

High-Protein Eats

Increasing protein has become more and more popular as a tool for weight management, muscle development, and overall well-being. These diets emphasize the consumption of protein-rich foods, such as lean meats, poultry, fish, legumes, and dairy products. It can be hard to get in the needed amount of protein daily, so consumers turn to supplementing their protein in different ways.

Sprout Living makes clean, certified organic plant-based protein powders and drink mixes that always use 100% real superfoods without gums, additives, fillers and junk. Another option is Green Regimen, a health and fitness company that develops natural, organic, plant-based products for optimal health. They created a healthy, nutrient-rich, organic, vegan, 100% plant-based protein smoothie powders that can be used as meal replacements or post-workout shakes.

In order for something to be considered a complete protein, it must contain all nine essential amino acids that the body needs but cannot produce on its own. BodyHealth’s flagship product, PerfectAmino, is revolutionizing protein synthesis. Lab-tested to be 99% utilized to build new protein and collagen for lean muscle and healthy skin, PerfectAmino provides minimal calories per serving and will not break a fast. PerfectAmino is the most effective and most utilized protein source there is, containing all essential aminos the body needs for muscular, skeletal, enzymatic & body systems. BodyHealth also has a complete line of supplements to support daily health.

Clean Alts to Chemical-Filled Options

We pay attention to the labels and ingredients of the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the beauty products we put on our skin, and more. It is time to start thinking about all the other products in our lives and ask ourselves, What is in that bug spray or my child’s medicine? We no longer have to settle for the traditional options that are filled with chemicals, there are so many new products out there offering natural alternatives. 

ZenOsa Organics offers natural remedies for kids created by two pediatrician moms. Starting with their cough syrup, these science-based natural remedies actually work when kids aren’t feeling well so you can feel good giving your kids clean and natural medicine while knowing it will actually work. 

Lemongrass Farms is a natural choice for bug and insect repellant that is safe and effective. Made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients, the sprays keep the bugs away, while smelling and feeling good. Lemongrass Farms is dedicated to producing 100% bio-based and sustainable products that leave the Earth better than we found it. 

Gear Hugger is a plant-powered, non-toxic lubricant that keeps your gears going longer. It breaks down heavy grease, grime and dirt – from engines to appliances. Tequila and mezcal production generate more than 400,000 tons of agave waste annually, which the company sources to power its products and protect the environment. It’s the high performance of the plants that make it strong enough to work quickly yet safe enough from most surfaces.

Emphasis on Organic Farming

It's not just a passing fad; it's a lifestyle choice that's transforming the way we think about food, sustainability, and our connection to the Earth. Organic farming is all about cultivating a harmonious relationship between nature and agriculture. By shunning synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic farmers are redefining what it means to grow food in harmony with the environment. They prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and the well-being of both animals and humans.

Inspired by Mother Nature’s superfoods, Avafina Organics offers a line of organic, plant-based spreads, seeds, gluten-free flours, spices, and seaweed. The offerings are minimally processed so you feel good while being sustainable for the planet. This innovative line of superfood products combines balanced proteins, healthy fats, and fiber without unpronounceable ingredients or preservatives.

Fostering the Sensory Experience      

It's not just about what we eat or how we move, but how we engage and nourish our entire sensory experience. If we don’t have healthy and clean ears, eyes and nose, there is no way we can take care of the rest of our body. And it’s these categories where we have barely seen innovation until now.

Dr. Tung’s is a sustainable, holistic, next-generation oral care line with products that put a focus on maintaining the body’s overall health. Good oral health is an integral part of overall health, and the company is  integrating modern and traditional knowledge to produce highly effective products to create healthy smiles naturally. From  innovative smart floss to  sustainable toothpowder tabs, this oral care is sure to leave your mouth and smile happier and healthier.

Legendary ear care company Wally’s Natural has more than 30 years of expertise delivering wellness solutions to people seeking better self-care for themselves and their ears. Trailblazing the industry with the number one ear candle in America, the number one children’s ear cleaner, and the only top-selling organic ear oil with hundreds of five-star reviews that tout life-changing results, Wally’s is there for its customers. Because ear-care is self-care.

Essential Oxygen is a clean, regenerative, planet-positive line of oral care that actually works to whiten teeth and kill bad breath germs through  food grade hydrogen peroxide and the healing and soothing strength of aloe vera. It is also antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal through the use of essential oils.

Intelligence of Nature wellness solutions help people from all walks of life reconnect with their bodies to live healthier and happier lives. ION products mineral supplements for gut support to a face & body spray for skin support to a nasal spray for sinus support, all to improve microbiome diversity.  

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