Steaming from the charcuterie board craze comes the next big thing in boards: fishcuterie. The focus shifts to an assortment of cured and smoked fish and seafood. This emerging culinary trend offers a creative twist for seafood lovers and those looking for unique alternatives to traditional charcuterie boards.

Season Brand has been bringing the world’s most versatile, nutritious, and delicious canned seafood products to market for 100 years. Their responsible, heart-healthy products include sustainably harvested superfood sardines, mackerel, anchovies and other canned fish, all natural, wild caught, and in BPA-free cans. These skinless and boneless fillets are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and numerous essential vitamins and minerals. 

Tonnino Tuna is tuning up your tuna with their gourmet tuna choices available in a wide range of flavors and quality cuts for discerning food lovers who crave premium, truly sustainably caught tuna from Costa Rica. Only ever using sustainable fishing methods like pole & line, FAD free, and MSC to catch their tuna, you can feel good eating this healthy and delicious fish.

Sea Tales loves seafood so much that they want everyone to enjoy it now and in the future! That’s why they make sure to only work with small fishing communities around the world who fish with respect to nature. This way they support the unique and traditional small-scale fishing companies, so they can take good care of the oceans. And everyone can enjoy delicious seafood!

New to the U.S. International Staples

We were taken on an exciting journey of culinary exploration and cultural exchange. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, there is a growing demand for diverse flavors and ingredients that reflect the global tapestry of cuisines. By bringing international staples to the U.S. market, we can embark on a vibrant gastronomic adventure, inviting people to expand their palates and discover the richness of culinary traditions from around the world.

Steeped in legacy, Wildfare transports you to the Mediterranean with  delectable, high-quality products that feed the body and nourish the soul. Wildfare is proud purveyors of Mediterranean provisions that work directly with farmers to provide the highest quality products at the right price. It is truly crops to cuisine with their delicacies cultivated beneath the warm sun and rich soil resulting in wildly irresistible Mediterranean fare that is so nutritious, healthy never tasted this good.

Founded by two sisters, Jessica and Claudia, Two Sisters Tea is on a mission to improve people’s health through a cup of their delicious and refreshing hibiscus tea made with the purest ingredients grown in Guatemala. Two Sisters Tea is an all-natural hibiscus tea rich in vitamins A and C, packed with antioxidants, minerals and electrolytes that help improve health.

Thunder CoffeeMilk is a cleaner pick me up that is an authentic, all-natural, cold-brew coffee with only five ingredients that provides an energy boost. This Australian style coffee milk made is in the USA by dairy farmers using real milk and real, fair-trade coffee to create a creamy, delicious, refreshing and energizing beverage.

Great Eastern Sun has been committed to healthy foods from around the globe for more than 40 years. They believe quality foods are paramount in the pursuit of happy, healthy lives. With brands such man brands in their portfolio, they bring the flavors of Asia into your kitchen with quality you can trust. At the show, they were highlighting their Miso Mustard from their HealthSavor brand which won the Nexty for Best New Condiment, Sauce and/or Dip because it is truly unlike anything you have ever tried.

DOSA was founded in San Francisco in 2005, inspired by the savory, fermented South Indian crepe made from lentils and rice flour. Over the years, DOSA grew to four Bay Area restaurants with 12 consecutive years of Michelin awards under its belt. dosa by DOSA was later founded in 2017 to share the brand’s favorite, regionally-inspired food and beverages with the rest of America. They combine complex, authentic flavors with a fresh perspective on Indian cuisine that respects its boldness and diversity.

Regenerative Farming Expands

Regenerative farming isn’t a new term, but we are starting to see it expand to more categories beyond traditional food and beverage. By using these regenerative practices, these companies are collectively investing in a more sustainable future, one that respects the interconnectedness of our environment and the crucial role that agriculture plays in preserving our planet for generations to come.

Taste-good, feel-good, do-good ice cream. Alec's Ice Cream is the first regenerative organic and 100% A2 craft ice cream. This ice cream is friendlier on tummies thanks to using A2 dairy and produced with ingredients that make a positive impact on our planet.

Thrive Regenerative Skincare has set the standard for skincare with its regenerative, effective, plant-powered products for every body. Using three unique super-plants native to Costa Rica, their approach actively restores ecosystems and empowers farmers and individuals to show up for their communities and help forge a better future for us all.

Chakra Chai is on a mission to nourish and heal people and the planet through regenerative business practices and products of the highest integrity, developed on Ayurvedic principles, the interconnectedness of all life and heart-centered consciousness. Their alchemical truffles and superfood elixirs target the seven chakras and they are on their way to create sustainable futures for us all.  

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Embracing eco-friendly solutions isn't just about being hip; it's about making a positive impact. By choosing products and practices that are kind to the planet, we're taking a stand for future generations. Together, we're paving the way for a greener, more vibrant future, where eco-friendly choices are the new norm, and trendsetters inspire others to follow suit. In a world that's increasingly conscious of our environmental impact, embracing eco-friendly solutions has become the ultimate statement of our commitment to a greener future. From chic reusable water bottles that keep us hydrated in style to reusable products that decrease the need for single use items, these solutions embody the perfect marriage of functionality and eco-consciousness.

9 Elements is the first line of laundry and home care cleaning products powered by vinegar and supercharged by science, created by female scientists as an eco-friendly solution that wouldn’t irritate skin. 9 Elements never has more than nine ingredients in their products, is inspired by the trusted power of vinegar, works better than DIY solutions and uses ingredients from plants whenever possible.

Single-use items are the main source of marine pollution and cost the earth huge amounts of CO2 and resources every day. LastObject is on a mission to end the need for single use items by creating objects that replace them. They make high-quality, reusable products that outlast, outsmart, and outperform single-use items so that we can do our part for the environment together. 

Bim bam boo paper is formulated from antimicrobial bamboo fiber with renewable paper sources for a trusted and clean experience. Their products are made with less chemical processing than tree-based tissue. Plus, bamboo is a grass, not a tree, that grows to maturity in two years rather than the 30+ years it takes for a single tree. 

 Brita Water believes water should be good for you and the planet. That's why they’re offering refillable and infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles as the alternative to single-use plastic. Every time you refill, that's one less plastic bottle in the ocean or landfill.

Frozen is the New Fresh

Gone are the days when fresh was the only way to go. With advancements in freezing technology and a growing emphasis on convenience, frozen foods have undergone a remarkable transformation. From farm-fresh fruits and vegetables flash-frozen at their peak to sustainably caught seafood sealed in icy perfection, frozen foods offer unparalleled flavor, nutrition, and convenience.

Hosting friends for a cocktail hour? Or need a last-minute side dish? Meet Savorly, your perfect co-host for all occasions. Savorly was created to bring the strong tradition of Europe's frozen appetizers to the U.S. In Europe it is common to gather with friends for "apero" in an atmosphere where food is shared. They replaced the traditional frozen appetizer with a veggie forward, clean label option built on elevated flavor combinations. 

Marina Del Rey’s wild-caught seafood was inspired by a trip to the sea. Their Argentinean shrimps are plump, naturally pink when raw, and have a sweet lobster like taste. Their Peruvian scallops are firm, yet juicy, and have absolutely no water or chemicals added to them. They are true pearls of the ocean, beautiful and delicious. The health benefits of wild caught seafood are tremendous, not to mention the environmental issues that arise with farmed seafood.

Konscious Foods’ plant-based frozen sushi is fresher than fresh. This chef crafted line of plant-based sushi that uses konjac has no GMOs, clean labels, and a short ingredient list so they don’t just taste great, they’re better for you.

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