Las Vegas, NV—From October 31 to November 4, 2022, natural products industry members will gather at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for SupplySide West and Food ingredients North America (FiNA). Exhibitors from across the health and nutrition supply chain will be in attendance.The WholeFoods Magazine team will be there, and we’d love to connect with you—visit us at booth 3537.

What else is on tap for SSW? Check out highlights from industry companies.

Balchem offers up education

Balchem will be holding holding presentations at its SSW booth stage throughout the two expo hall days. View the agendahere. The company also invites attendees to try one of its 5 product prototypes that are being showcased: Boost U trio (Longevity, Immunity, and Cognition),a high-dose VitaCholine gummy, & Power Boost for Immune Health shot featuring Zinc Max and Vitamin K2. Find Balchem at booth #5236.

Sabinsa will feature its newest products

Sabinsa will feature the research and benefits of its newest products and application innovations, and also will highlight immunity ingredients along with the shelf stable probiotic LactoSpore and the DigeZyme blend of digestive enzymes. Among the products highlighted: Sabroxy; Shagandha Ashwagandha root extract; CurCousin for weight management/ metabolic health; Silbinol; Curcumin C3 Complex; Saberry; LactoSpore, Bacillus Coagulans MTCC 5856; DigeZyme; and LactoSporin. In addition,Anurag Pande, Ph.D., Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Sabinsa, will be a speaker for the session "Exploring the microbiome: Science, Innovation, and Delivery on November 1 (1:00pm to 4:00pm, Mandalay Bay Islander EO.

Lycored will host a tasting bar featuring new concepts

Lycored will highlight the importance of taste in nutrition applications and is inviting visitors to explore “worlds of opportunity” to add goodness to supplements and fortified foods. The presence of active compounds can cause an off-taste in many nutraceuticals, so attention must be paid to their sensory qualities, the company says. Lycored’s range of market-leading carotenoid ingredients includes products for taste as well as health, and at booth #4790 the company will demonstrate how they can be used together. Visitors to the Tasting Bar at the event expo will be able to sample two new concepts: Wellness-Enriched Beverage and Lumenato Beauty Bar.

Bioiberica offers hyaluronic acid matrix ingredients

Global life science company Bioiberica is showcasing its industry-first hyaluronic acid matrix ingredients: Dermial for skin & beauty and Mobilee for mobility. In addition, the company will highlight its recently launched functional food applications for Collavant n2– a native (undenatured) type II collagen ingredient for joint health. Attendees can learn more about Bioiberica’s range of science-backed ingredients portfolio at booth #4449.

Kyowa Hakko will educate on immune

The talk Building Immune Resilience Using Our Personal Immunotype featuring Heather Moday, M.D., will take place on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, from 11:30 am to 12:20 pm PT at Supplier Theater #3677. Following the presentation, Dr. Moday will be at the Kyowa Hakko Booth #3065 starting at 1:00 pm for the signing of her recent book, The Immunotype Breakthrough. 

IFF will promote next-gen delivery formats & more

At booth #4365, IFF will showcase its broad portfolio of botanicals, bioscience ingredients and quality HOWARU probiotic strains. Attendees can learn more about the newest HOWARU probiotic concepts, tailored to women's specific health concerns. The company also will spotlight next-gen delivery formats and dosage forms. Through IFF Health's recent acquisition of Health Wright Products, the business has the newly expanded capabilities to deliver high-quality capsule, stick and sachet supplement formats. In addition, the company shared that, via the Health Concepts Lab, IFF can help brand owners develop one-of-a-kind functional formats that enhance the consumer experience. Attendees can taste the business' novel samples on site, including: probiotic chocolate, a peach berry cognitive health gummy with Neuravena, Holistic Women's Complete flavored probiotic stick pack, and more.

Women In Nutraceuticals to focus on education, outreach

Women In Nutraceuticals (WIN), a non-profit spearheaded by a cohort of global nutraceutical leaders, will be involved in several events at SSW. On November 1, WIN board member Lynda Doyle, President & CEO, Avant Nutrition, LLC, will moderate a panel discussion on the pipeline for funding women in research with panelists Emily Ho, Ph.D., Linus Pauling Institute, and Mary Phillips Ph.D., STEMMbridge LLC. The talk will be part of the NCN Ingredients & Technology Investor Meeting. On November 2nd from 1pm to 2pm, WIN will co-host the Women of SupplySide Networking Reception in the SupplySide Garden in the Expo Hall. Members of the WIN Board of Directors will share insights into the goals of the organization and showcase opportunities to get involved (all genders welcome). After the reception, Artemis International will host a Toast to WIN happy hour from 3pm to 4pm in booth #3845. And on November 3, from 2:15pm to 2:45pm on the SupplySide Stage (booth #5670), WIN President Heather Granato will host the session "Inspiration from the research lab" with panelists Jessie Hawkins, Ph.D., Franklin Health Research; Karen Hecht, Ph.D., AstaReal Inc.; and Susan Hazels Mitmesser, Ph.D., Pharmavite.

Gencor to unveil 4Liver ingredient

Gencoris announcing the newest addition to its herbal supplement products: 4Liver. Developed with the latest technology using herbal extracts traditionally used in Ayurvedic practices, 4Liver was designed to help keep this crucial organ cleaner by helping prevent fatty liver with continued detoxing and improved metabolism and proper functioning, the company says. “We are overjoyed to bring this potent apoptogenic ingredient to our line of tried-and-true herbal and botanical supplement ingredients. Like many of Gencor’s formulas, all of which undergo rigorous scientific analysis, peer review and clinical testing, 4LiverGe is another easy, natural option to help individuals detox the liver and improve overall function and adaptation to common stressors on the body. We are proud to provide solutions for people to experience wellness across the world,” said Ramasamy Venkatesh, co-founder of Gencor and business development specialist. Learn more at booth #3057.

Gnosis by Lesaffre will introduce its MenaQ7Ò Matrix

Gnosis by Lesaffre will introduce attendees to MenaQ7Ò Matrix: a combination of its MenaQ7Ò Vitamin K2 as MK-7 brand delivered in its award-winning Matrix K2 enhanced protective technology. Launched in December 2021, Matrix is the result of a proprietary technology that protects the particles of MK-7 with no coating, additives, or additional ingredients, which the company says provides a less cumbersome, more predictable formulation process for complex K2 products. MenaQ7Ò K2 Matrix will be a centerpiece of the company's booth #4652. 

Alkemist Labs educates on trasparency

Alkemist Labs, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, will be at booth #4040, highlighting the company’s new services, as well as the two distinctive ways Alkemist  supports clients’ quality transparency initiatives: Next Generation Transparency Reports for Consumers program and the Alkemist Assured Seal program.Alkemist is also sponsoring the two parties: AHPA Member Reception (November 2, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, South Pacific Ballroom B) and What's Up With Supps: Dark Circus (November 3, 5pm – 9pm, Las Vegas House of Blues). Also on Thursday, Alkemist’s Petra Erlandson will be one of the Ingredient Idol judges on the SupplySide Stage (booth #5670, 12:45pm – 2 pm) for a competition between ingredient supplier finalists vying to be chosen “best in class.” 

Nuherbs to showcase organic hibiscus ingredients

TCM ingredients supplier Nuherbs will launch a new growing partnership focused on Organic Mexican Hibiscus. The company says its vertical integration of its organic hibiscus ingredients sets this project apart as it is designed to avoid the supply chain vulnerabilities inherent in obtaining most hibiscus raw material, while also reducing the carbon footprint of hibiscus for North American users. Nuherbs Organic hibiscus is available in multiple forms:  whole flower (TBC, C/S, & powder), Phytohib liquid, and Phytohib powder extract.  Also at SSW, Nuherbs President Wilson Lau will present on a panel discussing supply chain strain on November 4 (9:00am to 12:00pm, Islander Ballroom H). 

Novozymes to feature MenaquinGold natural vitamin K2-7

At booth #3318, Novozymes OneHealth will highlight its natural vitamin K2-7, MenaquinGold. This non-soy and non-synthetic ingredient, made possible through a chickpea-based, soy-free fermentation process, can be formulated into various supplements for diverse health indications, according the company. MenaquinGold may support bone and heart health, and new science shows benefits related to nerve and sports health. Novozymes OneHealth also will showcase diverse products across brain, oral, and protective immune health at booth #7427.

NJ Labs features Only Murders in the Building” challenge

With the help of conference attendees, NJ Labs plans to solve the “Only Murders in the Building” challenge and announce a new loyalty program for nutraceutical and dietary supplement manufacturers while highlighting the importance of partnering with a lab that will go beyond simply testing samples. The on-site “testing investigation,” taking place in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center “building,” will be led by NJ Labs’ “Mabel Mora,” aka NJ Labs CEO Sandra Lee. Attendees can stop by NJ Labs’ booth #4672 to get a social media scavenger hunt map. The map will lead them on a testing investigation around the conference show floor November 2-3. Winners will be announced at 3pm on November 3 at the NJ Labs booth following a live taping of Lee’s “Going Beyond Testing” podcast at 2:30pm. The company says prizes will include “Only Murders in the Building” swag bags and a $500 airline gift card grand prize. A “whodunit” victory reception will follow with the winner announcements and “Gut Milk” shots and champagne will be served to all.

Horphag to educate on the latest Pycnogenol science

The Horphag Research Team will be on hand to discuss the latest with Pycnogenol, which has been the subject of several recent studies. These include: Study: Pycnogenol May Help Manage ADHD Without Side Effects Associated With Meds and Restless Legs Syndrome Study: Pycnogenol Helps Relieve & May Prevent Symptoms.

Nutrileads spotlights science on BeniCaros

NutriLeads BV will present clinical research demonstrating the effectiveness of BeniCaros, the company’s natural immune health ingredient for foods, beverages and supplements, at on November 2 (11am, SupplySide West Supplier Presentation Theater, booth #3077). In apresentation titled, “Meeting Post-Pandemic Consumer Demands in Immune Health,” Ruud Albers, Ph.D., NutriLeads founder and Chief Scientific Officer, will discuss research showing that 300 mgs. of BeniCaros daily accelerated protective immune responsiveness, reduced airway symptom severity (20-33%) and duration (25-43%) and minimized the impact on quality of life following a controlled challenge with a common cold virus.

Natural Remedies looks to ease stress with Holixer

The Natural Remedies team will be at booth #5047 to discuss the expansion of its portfolio of signature botanical ingredients with the launch of Holixer holy basil/tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) for the nutraceutical market. The company's Holixer is the official stress and sleep category sponsor for SupplySide West.

Nexira to introduce range of 30 sensory ingredients

At SSW, Nexira will introduce POW (D) ER from Mother Nature, an innovative range of  30 naturally supercharged, easy-to-formulate ingredients. The company invites attendees to stop by booth #4231 to learn how they can start creating nutrition that is evolutive with market trends, harnessing the powerful forces of nature in recognizable superfoods.

DSM to highlight purpose-led Health Benefit Solutions

DSM is inviting attendees to explore its portfolio of science-backed ingredients and purpose-led Health Benefit Solutions, which are designed to support key consumer health concerns including immunity, brain health, health from the gut, early life nutrition, weight management, sports performance and more. DSM’s sustainable nutrient premixes and market-ready solutions will be showcased at booth #4355, highlighting how, as an end-to-end partner, DSM can co-innovate with agility to bring innovative products to market faster. 

Nutriventia by Inventia to showcase science

Prolanza, a proprietary sustained-release extract of Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal) ingredient from Nutriventia by Inventia, has a published study that showed that it provided superior levels of bio-actives in plasma (or human body) compared to other ashwagandha ingredients. Nutriventia’s release of its Prolanza Efficacy and Safety of Ashwagandha Root Extract on Cognitive Functions in Healthy, Stressed Adults clinical study (which was published late 2021) was held back earlier to allow it to coincide with the launch of the ingredient at SSW.  The company will be promoting the science and ingredient at the show. 

RedLeaf Biologics to showcast Red Sorghum

At booth #2528, RedLeaf executives will be showcasing Red Sorghum (The Natural Accident) extract. This sustainable crop is sourced and extracted in Kentucky. RedLeaf’s red sorghum leaf bioactive and botanicals deliver a range of benefits across dietary, supplement, cosmetic, and food & beverage applications. The company also will spotlight sustainability efforts, and their work with local farmers in using existing equipment and land for the planting of crops.

EpiCor to spotlight immune and digestive support

At the EpiCor booth (#4265), SupplySide West attendees can learn more about a one-of-a-kind microbiome-modulating ingredient clinically show to support immune and digestive health. Backed by over 75 years of fermentation expertise, EpiCor postbiotic, a Cargill brand, is a whole food fermentate made through a natural proprietary process that creates a unique fingerprint of metabolites that supports a healthy gut microbiome. Inspired by a real-life health discovery and supported by over a dozen published studies, EpiCor postbiotic helps people live more healthy days.

 TriNutra to talk new research on black seed oil

At booth #3644, TriNutra will be be spotlighting the publication of 5 human clinical studies within the past 5 months with its standardized and patented black seed oil, ThymoQuin, and B’utyQuin for cosmetics.

FrieslandCampina highlights opps for prebiotics & protein

FrieslandCampina Ingredients will be showcasing its latest protein and prebiotic ingredient innovations, including the newly launched Biotis GOS-OP High Purity. The company also will share how it can help brands unlock opportunities in both the supplement and functional food and drinks markets at booth #2021. Katherine Burke, Technical Sales Specialist, and Sophie Zillinger-Molenaar, Global Marketing Lead for Biotis, at FrieslandCampina Ingredients, will highlight opportunities for leveraging prebiotics in "How to Appeal to Gut-Conscious Consumers in North America" on November 3 at 2:00pm. The presentation will explore the trends, claims, and product formats gaining traction in the global gut health market. 

Activ’Inside to bring solutions for skin & brain health

Activ’Inside will showcase its plant-based ingredients, which the company says provide formulators the versatility to include these into food supplement solutions. Activ’Inside will be providing capsulated samples of its champagne-derived Memophenol, SkinAx², SkinAx² Lift and Belight3 ingredients at booth #6014.

Bioenergy Life Science to discuss RiaGev Water Soluble

At BLS booth #3265, the company will be spreading the word about several ingredients, including new RiaGev Water Soluble, a new-and-improved version of RiaGev that removes the use of Palm Oil in its formulation entirely. The company also will be on hand to discuss RiaGev, RiaGev-FEM, RiaGev-M, RiboActiv, and Bioenergy Ribose.

Probiotical to present science on probiotics & mood

Speaking at the invitation of Probiotical, SpA, Dr. Ralf Jaeger, FISSN, CISSN, MBA, will present findings of a new human clinical study demonstrating that specific probiotic strains enhance mood and sleep by increasing serotonin levels. In “Gut-Brain-Axis: Multi-strain probiotic supplementation increases serotonin levels, mood and sleep quality,” Dr. Jaeger will describe a study using four strains provided by Probiotical. Attendees will hear the study details including: probiotic supplementation improved feelings of depression and anxiety; probiotic supplementation increases sleep quality; probiotic supplementation significantly increases levels of the "feel good" neurotransmitter serotonin. The talk will take place November 2, from 11:20am to 12:00pm, at the IPA, PRC theater.

Live Earth Products to discuss benefits of fulvic acid

Attendees are invited to stop by booth #3719 to try their skills at virtual mining fulvic and enter for a chance to an Apple iPad Air. Live Earth’s fulvic acid is extolled by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, according to the company, who gave her 34 million-plus TikTok followers a glimpse into her daily diet, featuring water infused with a fulvic acid supplement. The company will discuss the benefits of their American-sourced fulvic and humic ingredients.

GC Rieber VivoMega talks sustainability & expansion

At booth #3645, GC Rieber VivoMega will be discussing its facility updates on its new $75M expansion. The company recently added three new 70-foot tall storage tanks to accommodate customers' demands, and can now store over 35,000 U.S. tons of its crude fish oil. The company also will be discussing sustainability efforts and the upcycling of its side stream product, which has increased 165% since 2016.

Ingredients by Nature celebrates 90th anniversary

At booth #4081, Rob Brewster, President at IBN, will be discussing the latest results from an in-vitro study conducted with a Simulator of Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem or SHIME, which simulates the ascending colon. IBN will also discuss the recently published human clinical studyon Eriomin, its patented extract of lemon-based flavonoids. The company says this is the second study to validate the extract's multifunctional approach to aid in prediabetes management in borderline diabetic participants.  Also, IBN (and parent company Brewster Nutrition) is celebrating its 90th anniversary at the show!

Unibar Corporation to discuss new science

At booth #3552, Unibar will be discussing its published clinical trialon its patented capsanthin extract, CapsiClear. Research to determine its effects on dry eye symptoms showed capsanthin's ability to reduce corneal inflammation and intraocular pressure and increase tear regeneration (common dry eye symptoms).  Also, Unibar will feature its newest launched eye health ingredients, a meso-zeaxanthin blend composed of three macular carotenoids, meso-zeaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin. And Dr. Jeffrey Anshel, OD, FAAO, an advisor to the company, will be at the Unibar booth for his book launch,Smart Medicine for Your Eyes, and signing on November 2 between 3:30-4:30 pm.

TSI Group to present Hobamine science

TSI Group is highlighting two sought-after areas of expertise at booth #5073. (1) Optitab: “Some materials are hard to get into an ideal state for tableting. Most customers take whatever grades they can import and process the materials here in the U.S. With Optitab, we’re supplying the material from the source at a competitive price, then doing the handling ourselves. Our customers have exactly what they need when the materials arrive at their production facility.” (2) Optimized Ingredients: “This is a broader scope than creating tablet-grade ingredients. Maybe the powder is too fine and needs to be milled for use. Or, perhaps an ingredient needs to be coated for time release. TSI Group then goes the extra mile by identifying ways to improve processes so materials are specifically tailored to your needs. It’s not that we’re using proprietary processes. It’s more that we’re really good at what we do, because we’ve been doing this for a very long time.”  Also, Shawn Baier, M.S., M.B.A., will present Hobamine science on November 3 (1:30pm, Supplier Presentation Theater, Booth #3677).

HP Ingredients is launching a new venture

Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients, announced a new venture: LJ100 Chococeuticals, which will industry debut at SSW at booth #3429. The company shared that LJ100 has been made available in a functional chocolate offered in three flavors (Mixed Berry, Cinnamon, and Mint), and each will be available as samples at the booth. Also on tap: all participants who provide their information will receive a discount code on future orders of Tongkat Ali and related products at Immunity Goodness.  Eng added, “Don’t forget to stop by Immunity Goodness’ booth, #6754, to meet David Little, who can answer questions about how and why Belgian chocolate is an effective delivery system that consumers will undeniably love.  

ADM to reveal top trends

Leading up to SSW, ADM plants to announce its annual report of the key trend spaces that are poised to drive growth for the year ahead. At the booth #5455, ADM will showcase concepts that were created through the lens of in-depth proprietary consumer research, technical expertise, and cutting-edge solutions (including plant protein-forward shakes, better-for-you biotic snack clusters and carbonated lifestyle beverages, and bakery items made with sustainably sourced ingredients.

Kappa to debut K2VITAL MCT Organic

Kappa Bioscience will be launching the first USDA organic-certified all-trans, all-bioactive vitamin K2-MK7 for oil-based health applications to the U.S. market. K2VITAL MCT Organic will debut at SSW, and attendees  are invited to booth #5845 to discover how the ingredient is creating opportunities for manufacturers to enter the growing organic space with premium products. K2VITAL MCT Organic is certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI) in line with the USDA organic program and international standards, giving it the organic seal of approval. It is soy-, palm- and allergen-free, vegan and Halal, Kosher and non-GMO certified. The company says customers can easily switch to the organic grade with no formulation adjustments required as its specifications are identical to Kappa’s existing K2VITAL MCT oil-based vitamin K2-MK7.

Gadot launches pure magnesium bisglycinate

Just in time for SSW, Israel-based Gadot Biochemical Industries launched pure magnesium bisglycinate, which CEO Ohad Cohen says has higher bioavailability than magnesium carbonate, and sulfate. The magnesium from Gadot is sourced from the Dead Sea, and is non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, gluten-free, and Halal and Kosher certified. It also is 100% fully reacted, chelated, and non-buffered. According to Cohen, it has three distinctions among other magnesium ingredients in the market: It does not create a laxative effect and is gentle on the stomach; it is soluble, providing formulation versatility;  and it has the least metallic taste and is easily flavor masked. The company will be at booth #4973.

Natures Crops is announcing partnerships & launches

CoreFX Ingredients and Natures Crops have partnered to launch an innovative product: 70GA Dry Ahiflower Oil. Ahiflower is a propriety seed oil of Natures Crops containing more biologically advanced omegas than any other natural plant source. The CoreFX 70GA Dry Ahiflower Oil offers all the benefits of the oil in a convenient and clean-tasting powder form. Algarithm and Natures Crops International have partnered to produce two entirely new omega oil blends for supplement, food and beverage applications. Ahiflower 80DHA and 150DHA represent the only vegan omega source offering the broadest array of omegas along with great sensory properties. The blends leverage the superior oxidative stability and sensory properties of both Ahiflower and Algarithm DHA oils and concentrates. Natures Crops International, which will be at booth #7251, also just announced it has achieved B Corp status. The company notes that this is a great honor in light of the regenerative and sustainable story behind this achievement, and the amazing team that showed constant dedication to regenerating health, earth and oceans. Justin Burt of Natures Crops will also be speaking on the topic of "Wild Marine Omegas: Beating a Dead Source?" in the Supplier Presentation Theater Booth #3077 on November 2 at 12 noon.

SUANFARMA is launching an industry-first platform

At booth #4037, the company is providing small-quantity options and rich ingredient information for its range of botanical extract products. This turnkey approach to ingredient sourcing enables brands to easily identify ingredients and seamlessly order just the right amount to fit their requirements. The company will be showcasing the online offering and would also like to tell you more about this innovative initiative and how it can improve efficiency, cut costs and help streamline the path to supplement brand success.

Layn Natural Ingredients to launch new ingredients

The company is launching a line of Instant Tea Extract Powders that serve as excellent functional ingredients in food & beverage applications. At booth #5065, Layn will be showcasing its full tea extract portfolio and broad range of botanical extract ingredients. It will also be showing its solutions for natural preservation and shelf-life extension. Layn will be sampling beverages formulated with its functional ingredients and taste-modulating extracts and sweetened with its natural stevia and monk fruit extracts. Layn will be highlighting SophorOx, a potent natural antioxidant for healthy inflammation response, and Bio+Quercitrin, a highly bioavailable form of quercetin.

PanTheryx will focus on healthy aging

At booth #3231,PanTheryx will be sharing information on high-quality bovine colostrum innovations and giving away copies of Dr. Michael Roizen’s new book,The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow. Dr. Roizen, a member of PanTheryx’s scientific advisory board, provides a look at longevity, and how nutrition with key nutrients like cow colostrum can support our body’s nutrition requirements as we age.

Unigen to showcase science and new ingredient

At booth #3472, Unigen will promote its strong novel pipeline, including Symetrian for maintaining immune homeostasis, Attenutin for targeting HMGB1 for respiratory health, and Maizinol (New Maizinol Research Demonstrates Improvements in Deep Sleep Quality) for restorative sleep. Educational brochures, scientific presentations, and examples of ingredients in formulated finished products will be presented. Unigen’s booth staff includes sales and marketing managers ready to answer product questions and Ph.D.s available to present the clinical data supporting our novel, patented and human clinically proven ingredients. Unigen will also be introducing SerenZea, a new Stress & Mood ingredient, substantiated by two clinical trials with two peer-reviewed publications. 

BGG World announcing several product developments

At SSW, the company will feature: 
  • ApplePhenon Seltzer Drink at BGG booth #4227 and at the Informa Tasking Bar  
  • ApplePhenon Chocolates (featuring BGG’s sister company HB Natural Ingredients’ Next-Generation Vitosa Stevia as the sweetener) at BGG booth #4227  
  • AstaZine Astaxanthin + TheraPrimE Tocotrienols Gummies for Brain Health/Cognition at BGG booth #4227  
  • ApplePhenon Gummies for Oral Care at BGG booth #4227  
  • Non-GMO Project Verification (NGPV) for both ApplePhenon and the complete range of TheraPrimE Tocotrienols  

OptiBiotix to show application concepts for WellBiome

OptiBiotix Health Plc will launch its newly reformulated prebiotic and trace mineral blend, WellBiome, at the show. The company will showcase several new application concepts for WellBiome, alongside its award-winning prebiotic SlimBiome, dietary fibre blend LeanBiome, patented probiotic strain LPLDL, and cholesterol and blood pressure reducing supplement range, CholBiom®, at booth #7453.

Brightseed Bio 01 ingredient to debut

Brightseed Bio 01 is the first ingredient in Brightseed’s portfolio of bioactives discovered by its artificial intelligence (A.I.) platform Forager. Formulated to optimize bioactives that support gut health, Brightseed Bio 01 is a new dietary fiber ingredient. It will debut at SupplySide West 2022 (booth #2075) and will be showcased in a number of on-trend prototypes, including a first-to-market protein crisp ingredient, BioCrisp+, jointly developed by Brightseed and Puris, a supplier of plant-based proteins, starches and grains.

Lodatt to discuss AquaTurm

The LODAAT team will be at booth #2031 to discuss AquaTurm, which is now the new reference standard for measuring curcumin bioavailability worldwide, according to the company. The Cuomo protocol (Cuomo et al 2011) has been the "Gold Standard" method for curcumin bioavailability over the past 10+ years. The researchers who developed Cuomo have now updated the protocol using AquaTurm as the reference ingredient for measuring curcumin bioavailablity. Meet with the team to catch up on the latest.