Las Vegas, NV—SupplySide West is returning to Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas on October 23 - 27, with the Expo Hall open October 25 - 26. Thousands of buyers and suppliers will gather for five days of networking and education at the event, which is co-located alongside Food ingredients North America (FiNA). Registration is live, visit to learn more. 

WholeFoods Magazine will be among the many exhibitors. Come see us at booth #4541. And read on for an overview of what industry companies will be spotlighting at the show.

Aker BioMarine educates on krill oil

At booth 4673 the company will highlight active nutrition and performance, including new science, ingredient innovations, and delivery platforms. With more than 10 human clinicals on elite athletes to senior adults, krill oil has been researched to support muscle strength, performance, recovery, and joint health. Krill oil can help any level of athlete get the most out of their active lifestyle at the cellular level. Nils Hoem, Aker BioMarine’s Chief Scientist, will present on the Pulse of Cardiovascular Innovation, October 26th from 3:45 pm - 4:15pm, SupplySide Stage Booth 5670. He will discuss science and developments around heart health and krill oil.

BGG Spotlights astaxanthin

BGG will debut chocolates with ApplePhenon Apple Polyphenols and AstaZine Natural Astaxanthin. "We will also have a new drink mix, called APEX {Antioxidant} Drink, in Dragonfruit flavor, containing ApplePhenon, AstaZine, and TheraPrimE Tocotrienols in a stick pack that easily disperses in water," shares Shaheen Majeed, CEO, BGG Americas, Algae Health Sciences, HB Natural Ingredients. "The formula shows versatility and offers a range of capabilities. It addresses cognition, eye health, and cardiovascular support.  Our scientists will be on hand to answer any questions regarding our ingredients. We’ll also run our latest Astaxanthin farm video showing the new expansion which has made BGG by far the largest producer of Natural Astaxanthin in the world."

Biomega focuses on taste, sustainability, & convenience

The company notes that, although taste remains king, sustainability and convenience are still top priorities in the growing health food and beverage market. Functional ingredients that assist in all three areas can help manufacturers gain a competitive advantage and deliver the best in vitality to consumers. biomega will showcase various formulation application concepts for its SalMe Peptide range:

  • Spicy Tomato Soup
  • Miso Soup 
  • Mushroom Soup
  • Active Nutrition (Powder Formulation)
  • Anti-Aging (Powder formulation)
  • Mobility (Powder Formulation)
  • Beauty from Within (Powder Formulation)

Connect with CCO Dr. Silke Middendorf on LinkedIn to catch up with her at SupplySide West and take home a recipe formulation card for SalMe Peptides. 

Bright Pharma Caps

"Here at Bright Pharma Caps, we are dedicated to our World of Innovative Vegetable Capsules," the company shared. "Featuring the world’s first fully NOP Organic Bright Poly two-piece hard shell capsule and our Bright GAR Snap-Enteric gastric acid resistant pH sensitive capsules that actually deliver your precious ingredients where you want them, to the intestine. You and your customers can fully rely on the expertise, reliability and experience of Bright Pharma and our Family of Products. Come visit us at booth 7249 to meet our Co-Founder and Director of Sales and learn more about us and our products."

Euromed showcases botanical extracts

At booth 6023, visitors can explore Euromed’s full range of organic-certified Earth Harmony Organic Extracts and Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts. Along with its award-winning Wellemon lemon extract, the botanical ingredients manufacturer will feature its extensively researched Pomanox pomegranate extract, as well as innovative new products like Spisar spinach extract and Prunera pygeum africanum bark extract. Its GRAS-certified ingredients ABAlife and Mediteanox from fig and olive fruits complement Euromed’s range of high-purity botanical extracts for the US food and beverage industries. Attendees can learn more in the lecture “From Farm to Function: Mediterranean Botanical Extracts for Active Nutrition”, presented by Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communication and Medical Affairs at Euromed (October 26th, 12:00-12:20, Supplier Presentation Theater Booth 3677).

FrieslandCampina highlights prebiotics & protein

At booth 1617, FrieslandCampina Ingredients will be showcasing its range of prebiotic and protein innovations, including Biotis Fermentis, a first-of-its-kind solution that enables brands to harness the power of fermentation to support gut health and maximize performance in athletes and active consumers. Visitors to the booth will also be able to sample ‘good-to-gut’ gummies, using Biotis GOS-OP High Purity, showcasing how brands can create tasty gut health supplements that stand out from the crowd. FrieslandCampina Ingredients will also be highlighting its Plantaris plant-based protein range, to help brands deliver high protein solutions without compromising on taste or texture.

GC Rieber VivoMega offers free omega-3 testing, 90-day supply

Get your omega-3 levels tested for free by OmegaQuant at GC Rieber VivoMega’s booth 3552. Plus, get a free 90-day supply of VivoMega’s sustainable, high-potency omega-3 concentrates. The VivoMega team will also inform attendees of its newest platinum sampling program, offering its highest concentrates in smaller dosage formats. VivoMega’s Algae Oils will also have a strong presence at SupplySide West for those seeking a sustainable vegan omega-3 alternative of superior quality. Stop by booth 3552 to receive your free OmegaQuant omega-3 testing kit and a free 90-day supply of omega-3s (a $200 value).

Gencor highlights women's health ingredients

At booth 2965, Gencor will highlight its clinically studied women’s health ingredients, specifically, the recently published clinical data on Libifem and its potential to support exercise performance in female athletes. The company will also focus on its blood sugar control and weight management ingredients, Trigogen and Gencinia, highlight its men’s sports nutrition and sexual portfolio, its beauty ingredients, HairAGE, for improved hair health in men and women, and Levagen+, for its beauty applications, joint health, mood and sleep support, and exercise recovery. Finally, the Gencor team will review the new and ongoing scientific research on their ingredients and partnered delivery technologies.

Gnosis by Lesaffre educates on new K2 offerings

When attendees visit the Gnosis by Lesaffre booth 4555, they can anticipate an immersive experience showcasing the forefront of supplement innovation, the company shares. The booth will display diverse delivery methods, including convenient dissolvable on-tongue stick packs with the company's new MenaQ7 Protect, which features MenaQ7 K2 as MK-7 combined with Vitamin C and 3 strains of Probiotics; sports powders; and delectable gummies. These formats are just a glimpse into Gnosis by Lesaffre's commitment to helping its partners enhance the user experience. And, as science is key at Gnosis, the company will also highlight its emerging research insights on our cutting-edge ingredients.

Horphag showcases Pycnogenol and Robuvit

Horphag Research will spotlight our proprietary and branded ingredient offerings Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract, and Robuvit French oak wood extract. "We look forward to welcoming industry colleagues to booth 3648 and our team will be available to speak to the scope of our research and applications spanning four decades and more than twelve applications including heart, skin, joints, sports, cognition and much more," the company shared. 

Ingredients by Nature discusses research on lemon flavonoids

Ingredients by Nature (IBN) will be discussing Eriomin’s latest clinical research and how this potent lemon flavonoids blend can aid in naturally lowering GLP-1, help maintain blood glucose levels, support normal insulin sensitivity, promote a healthy inflammatory response, and support healthy cell function through increased antioxidant activity. Stop by IBN’s booth 7157 to learn more and request Eriomin samples. 

IFF Health talks synergies and formulation opps

The company shares: "At IFF Health, we’re proud of our probiotic strains (HOWARU), botanical ingredients (Care4U), scientific expertise, formulations, finished format capabilities, and collaborations. But each of these elements, alone, only go so far which is why our 2023 SupplySide West theme is all about “The power of combos. Better together.” We’ll showcase novel combination concepts that speak to today’s most in-demand health applications, like menopause, skin beauty, and brain health, join forces with some of our global partners, and link arms with our Pharma division to feature our synergistic yet complementary offering. Visit us at Booth 3265 to get a taste (or whiff!) of what we’re presenting."

Kaneka Nutrients showcases ubiquinol

Visit Kaneka Nutrients at booth 4129 to learn more about the benefits of Ubiquinol for heart health and new applications in the areas of healthy aging and preconception. Another exciting area of the company's efforts is to help brandholders take Ubiquinol into new formats, including liquid formulations. The company shared: "Only Kaneka manufactures Ubiquinol in the U.S., and our commitment to innovation will help you create the next generation of CoQ10 products. Also learn about our Postbiotic for immunity and gut health: Levilactobacillus brevis ssp. Coagulans."

KyowaHakko USA celebrates 20th anniversary of Cognizin

KyowaHakko USA is commemorating the 20th anniversary of its branded ingredient Cognizin. Join the celebration at SupplySide West on October 25, at 3 p.m. Kyowa Hakko USA will be hosting a special event in its booth 4165, complete with cake and a toast to mark the milestone.

"Reaching this 20-year milestone for Cognizin is a testament to our dedication to advancing brain health and cognitive function and reflects our relentless pursuit to be among the most trusted research-based branded ingredients through loyal customer innovation and dynamic collaboration strategies," said Gerard Adams, President and CEO at Kyowa Hakko USA. "We remain committed to pioneering research and developing high-quality ingredients like Cognizin to support mental clarity, focus, and attention for individuals of all ages."

Lonza spotlights portfolio of Capsugel capsules

At booth 4836, Lonza’s expert team of product formulators, technical service engineers, and R&D specialists will be showcasing the company’s innovative portfolio of Capsugel capsules, as well as helping customers find solutions to their toughest capsule filling challenges. Leveraging capsule polymers to optimize capsule design and functionality will be a key focus this year. Visitors will also be able to learn more about Lonza’s Capsugel liquid-filled capsule dosage form technologies and clinical insights designed to inspire distinctive, efficacious, and appealing nutraceutical solutions. Other highlights at Lonza’s booth include: 

  • Lonza’s full portfolio of Capsugel clean-label, plant-based capsule polymers, will be showcased via its Capsugel Vcaps and Capsugel Vcaps Plus capsules.
  • The latest research on Lonza’s market-leading UC-II undenatured type-II collagen.
  • How brands and CMOs can overcome challenges associated with capsule powder fills by better matching preparation to equipment, to ultimately ensure faster, more successful outcomes.

Maolac introduces products combining breastmilk + AI 

At booth 6675, Maolac will introduce two products combining the old and the new: breastmilk and AI. Maolactin for Gut Support and Maolactin for Anti-Inflammatory Activity are powered by the proprietary Maoreka algorithm and cutting-edge generative AI technology. "As we prepare for SupplySide West, we're eager to showcase the dynamic possibilities of our creations," shared Maya Ashkenazi Otmazgin, CEO and Founder, Maolac. "Our booth will feature live demonstrations of the active components in various applications. From beverages that invigorate to yogurts that nourish, our products exemplify the pinnacle of innovative nutrition.

Natures Crops showcases Ahiflower oil blends

"Natures Crops International will be showcasing their latest blends of Ahiflower oil plus Algarithm’s algal DHA oils at booth 4286," shares Jackie Rizo, Marketing Manager at Natures Crops International. "Each of these oils contain an optimally balanced blend of plant-based omega-3-6-9 fatty acids plus DHA created with human and planetary health in mind. NCI combined the two ingredients to create an all-in-one ‘multi-omega’ solution that’s both sustainable and traceable back to the farms or estuaries from which it was grown. These new blends provide a solution that offers exceptional supply chain robustness and reliability, with long term price stability, as well as meeting many of trending consumer preferences for sustainably-sourced omega 3s."

Nuherbs highlights adaptogens, botanicals

This year at SupplySide West 2023, Nuherbs will highlight its Bespoke Extracts and Field to Shelf capabilities, showing the range of possibilities with adaptogens, such as ginseng, schisandra, and reishi. The company will focus on use cases for specific botanicals, showing the variety Nuherbs can offer customers, including whole herbs, extracts, or custom products for use in finished goods with innovative formats outside of the tablet and capsule space. Nuherbs will present these as new opportunities for customers in the areas of customization, active-aging, and mood support, offering a greater reach into the Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z markets. 

NutraShure, a first-time exhibitor, showcases branded ingredients 

NutraShure Distribution will be exhibiting at this year’s SupplySide West show for the first time at booth 7379. The company will showcase its branded ingredientsincluding Polynol, 3DPump Breakthrough, BetaPrime, and Caraflame. The ingredientpromote overall well-being and optimal health in the following benefit areas: beauty-from-within, sports nutrition, cellular health, cognition, stress support, and joint health. “We are excited to showcase our premium ingredients and industry-leading solutions to the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage markets,” said Brandon Sojka, Founder of NutraShure. “SupplySide West provides an invaluable platform to introduce our brands to a wider audience – we are thrilled to be first-time exhibitors.”

NutriLeads educates on prebiotic fiber

NutriLeads BV will present research showing the importance of prebiotic fiber structure to producing consistent, predictable gut health benefits at 1 a.m. on October 25 at the SupplySide West Supplier Presentation Theater, booth 3077. Ruud Albers, Ph.D., NutriLeads founder and Chief Scientific Officer, will present “Is Your Prebiotic Fast Food or Fine Dining?” covering research showing the diverse impact of prebiotic fibers with varying levels of structural complexity on the gut microbiota. Scientific evidence suggests prebiotic fiber structure is critical for producing consistent, predictable gut health benefits in varying individual gut ecosystems. The company also will showcase its BeniCaros branded ingredient in gummy products that SupplySide West attendees can sample at its booth, #3341.  

OptiBiotix focuses on weight management

OptiBiotix Health plc, a life sciences company and global market leader in microbiome modulation, will showcase its multiple award-winning weight management solution, SlimBiome, and its prebiotic fibre and trace mineral complex, WellBiome, at booth 7449. CEO Stephen O’Hara and Director of Business Development – North America, Zac Sniderman will be on hand to discuss formulation requirements for the food and nutritional health market. Samples of SlimBiome (as part of the GoFigure and SlimBiome®Medical ranges) and WellBiome sachets will be free to pick up at the booth. 

Rousselot and Gelnex present on collagen peptides

Rousselot and Gelnex announced their joint participation at Supply Side West, at booth 3279. Together, they will present a broad portfolio of collagen peptides under the Peptan and Peptinex brands. Backed by solid scientific research, Peptan offers a world of health benefits including beauty, mobility and sports. Also highlighted will be their comprehensive range of gelatin solutions, with particular emphasis on SiMoGel, an innovative technology designed for starch-free functional gummy production. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste Peptan from bovine, porcine and fish origins, alongside gummy caps, SiMoGel-based gummies with vitamin C or immune-boosting ingredients filling.  

TriNutra shares research on black seed oil

TriNutra will be with its U.S. distributor, Barrington Nutritionals, at booth 3543. Meet with Morris Zelkha, CEO at TriNutra, to learn about the clinical data behind ThymoQuin and B’utyQuin, including the latest research on ThymoQuin’s oral health applications and how it compared to brands such as Listerine as well as B’utyQuin’s latest research on its ability to aid in acne-prone skin. Meet Morris at the booth to understand why all black seed oils are not created equal, the science and patents behind ThymoQuin, and request a free sample.

Unibar shines a light on ocular nutrition

Join Unibar at booth 4040 to learn about the latest developments in ocular nutrition. The company's patent-pending CapsiClear is the first-of-its-kind capsanthin carotenoid extract clinically shown to support five areas of eye health, including dry eye and tear regeneration, blue and white light protection, eye strain and fatigue, improved visual performance, and intraocular pressure support. And Unibar's patented GRAS-affirmed lutein extract, UniGold, offers high quality absorption and stability compared to others on the market. Unibar’s extracts are fully traceable and sustainably sourced. 

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