Spring, TX—Trust Transparency Center(TTC) announced the formation of the Ingredient Transparency Center (ITC). This new platform is described in a press release as the next evolution of TTC's single ingredient category stewardship and incubator program. Currently, TTC oversees theGlobal Prebiotic Association (GPA), the CoQ10 Association and the Global Curcumin Association(GCA), and the launch of the ITC will enable the firm to expand the ingredient categories it oversees and extend transparency and identification of global best practices to additional categories.

Initially, the focus will be on ingredients with high exploitation and abuse potential, which TTC said will allow the leveraging of the firm's accumulated category, supply chain and quality systems expertise. The release notes that TTC will "quickly undertake an effective plan in emerging categories such as collagen, mushroom, and the science and IP of CBD [cannabidiol] that could be ripe for exploitation or that need to address potentially challenging issues."

TTC CEO Len Monheit said in the release, "We are pleased with the evolving engagement and workplans in place for prebiotics and curcumin, and know we are helping change conversations and perceptions that will protect and grow those categories. We recognized that we needed a slightly different model that is even more scalable, leverages the different issues in emerging categories, and works on areas where consensus is possible, at the same time avoiding some of the more contentious, 'political' issues."
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For the past few years, according to the release, TTC has been collecting consumer and other insights across many categories, giving the firm a unique data set and perspective representing a significant proportion of the growth potential of the global health and nutritional products marketplace.

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