Salt Lake City, UT - The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) has signed memoranda of understanding (MOU) agreements with three single-ingredient trade associations and the Trust Transparency Center (TTC), which serves as the administrative umbrella for the associations, in an effort to continue to promote transparency within the dietary supplement industry.

The agreements are with the Global Curcumin Association, the Global Prebiotic Association and the Vitamin K2 Association.

The UNPA organizes its key objectives and work plans through these MOUs, helping it to advance consumer confidence, industry standards and compliance with federal laws and regulations governing natural product ingredients and dietary supplements.

The new agreements join previous MOUs UNPA has in place with the CoQ10 Association and the Natural Algae Astaxanthin Association, also administered by TTC.

“UNPA supports the mission of TTC and these new organizations and is pleased to expand our partnership agreements to include the TTC team,” said Loren Israelsen, UNPA president, in apress release.  “It is through collaboration and the sharing of resources that the supplement industry will be able to further standards and science to ensure that consumers have broad access to natural health products of superior quality, benefit, reliability and sustainability.”
"While the work plan may be slightly different for each of the associations, the focus is on effectively using our combined resources to make an impact on compliance, product quality, and therefore credibility so that the entire industry is proactively setting itself up for sustained growth," Len Monheit, managing partner of Trust Transparency Council, told WholeFoods Magazine. "We can do that uniquely at the category level, and since supply chains and therefore the industry is global, our depth and UNPA’s breadth and global connections, makes for a perfect combination. Alliances like this will help lead to a more responsible, transparent and higher-quality industry."

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