Spring, TX—Trust Transparency Center(TTC), under its recently formedIngredient Transparency Center,announced the formation of the Collagen Stewardship Alliance (CSA).

TTC explained in a press release that the CSA will "steward the global collagen category, bring transparency to source/origin, mitigate marketplace confusion, identify and promote product quality parameters, engage surrounding sustainability, and protect ingredient and product integrity." In addition, the release notes, the CSA will raise awareness of collagen, track data and insights, reach out to a broad range of associations, academia and media, and work with government groups, the healthcare community and the industry on a global level.

Len Monheit, CEO of TTC, said, "We've been gathering data on collagen and collagen products for some time now, and the Ingredient Transparency initiative, as its name indicates, supports transparency in source disclosure, proper attribution of science, product quality and clarity in messaging." He added that Asma Ishaq, CEO of Modere, had been appoitned as Chairperson of the Board.

"Modere is excited to support this initiative for the collagen category," Ishaq said in the release. "As collagen's popularity has grown, there has been loose appropriation of the real science, mixed messaging regarding sources and sustainability—there's a lot of work we will do to steward future growth."
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Nathan Gray, TTC's Science & Technology Director, will lead the CSA. He has more than 15 years of media and science experience and expertise in food technology, nutrition science and wellness trends.