Spring, TX—Trust Transparency Centerreleased the results of a survey of 200 dietitians, which found that the majority regularly take dietary supplements, according toa press release.

The release notes that these results align with the majority of Americans, and reinforce that supplements have a place in a healthy diet.

The survey found that 76% of dietitians take supplements at least 4 times per week. Nearly 7 in 10 (67%) recommend a mix of food and supplements, and 76% of those dietitians recommend some type of supplement to 40% or more of their patients. The most popularly recommended supplements were prebiotics (90% of dietitians recommended prebiotics to at least some of their patients), curcumin, multivitamins, meal replacement, and vitamin D.

Beyond that, the release says, dietitians are overwhelmingly in favor of labeling synthetic supplements with 86% advocating labeling at all times.

Len Monheit, managing partner at Trust Transparency Center, said in the release, “These results are encouraging since they indicate another powerful influencer group is ready to hear more about supplement science and benefits. Many categories with emerging science, like prebiotics and curcumin, should take advantage of this opportunity. It is definitely worth industry’s time to educate dietitians, particularly on specialty supplements as they’re not as familiar with those as with other categories.”