Women are more likely than men to view diet as important to skin health. That's according to researchfrom Lycored, which surveyed 490 skincare consumers in the UK and France to explore attitudes to beauty and skin health, and how they differ by gender and age.

Men and women have different attitudes about beauty & skin health

“Our research suggests that changing social attitudes have made physical appearance a far more important goal for men than in the past," said Tristan Schroiff, Sales Director, Health, at Lycored, in a press release. "However, the positioning and marketing of many skincare products are still gender-based, and it’s useful to understand how the needs and attitudes of men and women can differ.” Among the findings:
  • Physical appearance is an increasingly important goal for male consumers. 15% of respondents (up from 8% in 2017) said looking good is more important for men than women.
  • 39% of female skincare users said healthy diet is most important to their skin health, compared to 30% of make skincare users.
  • 30% of men said exercise was important to skin health (compared to 17% of women).
  • Female skincare users were more than twice as likely to say that anti-aging / wrinkle reduction was an important goal for them (49% compared to 21% of men).
  • Female skincare users were more likely to seek a healthy glow (47%, compared to 32%).
  • 52% of overall respondents (63% of women compared to 40% of men) said it was very important to see visible benefits from the skincare products they use. This was particularly true of consumers in 18 to 24 years old (68%).
Lycored also shared thatresearch showsLumenato, Lycored’s golden tomato-based wellness extract, delivers beauty results that are still noticeable weeks after supplementation.

“It’s natural that many consumers expect a visible return on their investment in skincare products," Schroiff added. "The good news is that there’s a growing body of evidence that supplementation with carotenoids can deliver incredible results for skin health and beauty. In our most recent study, for example, Lumenato passed the ‘seeing is believing’ test with flying colors.”

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