Geneva, Switzerland—Informa Markets hosted Vitafoods Europe 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 14-16, and ingredient suppliers were showcasing what's new and what's next. Top trends and takeaways from the show:

Women's Health Takes Center Stage

Education focused on women. The session "Research Essentials for PowHERing Success in Formulating and Marketing Good Supplements for Women" focused on the unique nutritional needs and concerns of women across different life stages. Guest speakers included Julia Wiebe, Managing Director, red otc development GmbH- a Finzelberg company; Len Monheit, CEO, Industry Transparency Center; Aurore De Monclin, Strategy & Innovation Director, The Healthy Marketing Team; Heather Granato, President, Women in Nutraceuticals (WIN); and Sudipta Veeramachaneni, President, SV Scientific.

On the show floor, Kaneka Nutrients, which celebrated the 15-year anniversary of its flagship ingredient, Kaneka Ubiquinol, at the event, showcased the history and science behind the ingredient, and presented the latest findings of its effect on post-menopausal women. Filip Van hulle, General Manager of Kaneka Nutrients Europe, shared his thoughts on the milestone celebration: "I’ve been part of the journey since the very beginning and in this time we’ve developed a growing body of evidence to demonstrate the power of this magic ingredient. Now, we look forward to exploring the next chapter with some exciting projects underway to unlock the full potential of ubiquinol and support vitality at all life stages – from conception to healthy aging.”

Nutraceutical contract development and manufacturing organization, SIRIO Pharma, debuted a women's health platform at the event in Geneva. The 25 ready-to-launch formulation portfolio will be personalized to female health needs and life stages with products ranging from puberty to post menopause. "Women’s health focused on individual life stage is the big trend of 2024,” commented Sara Lesina, General Manager Sirio Europe & Americas. "Our team researched this early to undertake all the complex formulation options, science and segmenting of product types. Essentially, we have done the hard work so that our nutraceutical brand partners can launch more quickly to market with first-in-class products."

AB-BIOTICS presented its latest findings on women's health and sports nutrition probiotic solutions. Gyntima Menopause, a safe and effective probiotic blend of L. plantarum KABP 051, L. brevis KABP 052, and P. acidilactici KABP 021, helps women manage all stages of menopause by modulating estrogen levels in the gut, the company says. Attendees also learned about the latest clinical trial for i3.1, a probiotic containing L. plantarum KABPTM 022, L. plantarum KABPTM 023, and P. acidilactici KABPTM 021 that has shown the capacity to support elite athletes affected by digestive issues often associated with participation in high intensity sports. 

Women In Nutraceuticals (WIN) and the Naturally Proud Network joined forces at the show to host the "Celebrating Inclusion Networking. The event showcased WIN's resolution towards empowering women to develop their personal and professional potential in the industry. A second speaking engagement, 

Functional Gets Even More Fun 

DolCas Biotech, LLC treated attendees to its brand new Curcugen infused chocolate. The flagship curcumin ingredient, which can be used in foods and beverages, has been mixed with cocoa to create a smooth and tasty blend of two antioxidant-rich ingredients for consumers looking to seamlessly add bioactive ingredients to their daily routines.“Increased consumer focus on health and wellness continues to drive demand for functional treats. Consumers are seeking convenient ways to incorporate bioactive ingredients into their daily routines, and functional platforms offer a flavorful and accessible option," said Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs for DolCas Biotech of the products customer appeal. 

Also focused on making it easier to get benefits: Arla Foods introduced three new product concepts centered around whey protein: a functional water with whey protein isolates, a multi-layered bar with high-quality whey and milk protein ingredients, and a ready-to-mix powder application that can improve day-to-day glucose control. With 61% of active lifestyle consumers expressing interest in functional beverages that have health benefits beyond nutrition, Arla Foods has developed ready-to-drink (RTD) solutions and powder shakes rich in essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) with botanical flavors to provide consumers with convenient, holistic, water-like refreshments offering both physical and cognitive benefits. 

Gut Support in the Spotlight

dsm-firenich launched two new products at Vitafoods Europe: Humiome B2, a targeted vitamin B2 solution delivering prebiotic-like benefits to support a healthy gut using dsm-firmenich’s unique Microbiome Targeted Technology to distribute roughly 90% of B2 to the lower intestine and colon and 10% to the small intestine, was on display. The second debut, a collaboration with Indena, is a line of next-gen dietary supplement solutions that combine biotics, essential nutrients, and active botanical extracts. The dietary supplement concepts target consumers looking to address various heath areas including their gut health, brain heath, and healthy aging through easy-to-use formats like gummies and oral dispersible granules.

NutriLeads BV debuted the new product formats of its prebiotic fiber, Benicaros, which has been developed into varying concentration levels of the active ingredient Rhamnogalacturonan-I or RG-1 and with liquid and powder variants. Attendees got a first look at the products' newly expanded prototype range, which includes gummies formulated with the prebiotic and other products to support immune and gut health. NutriLeads also presented its new research findings showing how a low dose of 300-mg of Benicaros can promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and the production of essential short-chain fatty acids. 

Active Aging for Everyone

Guests at Vitafoods Europe 2024 got a look at Sabinsa's full-line of innovative ingredients including C3 Reduct - the only EFSA-approved curcuminoid product in the European market. Other products on display included:

  • Cirpusins, shown to aid in weight management
  • Saberry, for healthy lipid and glucose level support
  • Nigellin, for general health & wellness
  • Shagandha, a stress and anxiety reducer

The brand's European team, led by Dr. Umar Jan, President of European Operations, was on hand to discuss the company's products, service, and technical sales support strategy for its European clients.

Balchem returned to Vitafoods Europe to debut a refreshed brand personality and innovative product concepts. The specialty human nutrition and health ingredients manufacturer showcased its two key themes: "Power your Performance" and "Maximize your health span." The company educated on its TruQ initiative, a program built around setting new market quality benchmarks through transparency, authenticity, safety ,and efficacy in bioavailability and bioactivity. There are also new developments with the brand's flagship ingredients VitaCholine, K2VITAL, Albion Minerals and OptiMSM.

Collagen peptide brand, PEPTAN, shared new clinical study support for its sleep quality improvement, hydration and elasticity benefits, reduced gastrointestinal discomfort, and skin density enhancement claims. Parent company, Rousselot, premiered the results from three recent analysis, highlighting the company's science-backed collagen solutions and gelatin solutions for nutraceutical gummies, robust softgels, and hard capsules. Attendees learned about PEPTINEX, a source of collagen for supplements and functional foods; PROTAKE, for collagen and/or protein enrichment in food and beverage products; and COLARTIX, a unique hydrolyzed cartilage matrix shown to support decreased joint discomfort at a low dosage regardless of gender, age and sport intensity.

Omega-3s & More

Looking to address the worldwide consumption shortage of omega-3 fatty acids, Fermentalg and HuveNutra promoted their new partnership at Vitafoods Europe 2024. “Together with HuveNutra, we are becoming a serious alternative to existing Algal omega-3 leaders producing outside Europe offering flexibility and proximity for all omega-3 specific application fields including aquafeed and pet food,” commented Pierre Josselin, CEO of Fermentalg, of the new joint venture.

FrieslandCampina Ingredients showcased its new Biotis DHA Flex Powder, which can add the health benefits of omega-3s to food, drinks, and supplements. Visitors also got to sample Biotis Fermentis, a ready-to-drink (RTD) solution that provides the benefits of whey protein, prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides (Biotis GOS), and probiotic cultures by fermenting them together. “Whether it’s delivering omega-3s in a vegetarian-friendly drink, supercharging sports nutrition with high performance proteins and prebiotics, or overcoming texture challenges in plant-protein snacks, our unrivaled application expertise can help you meet the demands of the fast-paced nutrition market," said Vicky Davies, Global Marketing Director Performance, Medical and Active Nutrition at FrieslandCampina Ingredients. 

Omega-3 supplier Solutex celebrated its 20-year anniversary at the show, plus introduced visitors to its future, a four-year expansion project of its FDA CGMP-certified Mallén, Spain facility capable of processing 20,000 metric tons of crude fish oil in addition to its portfolio of premium-quality EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) + DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) concentrates – which includes the industry’s highest-purity 97% EPA-, and their derivatives Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators (SPMs). Dr. Fernando Moreno, owner and CEO of Solutex shared his thoughts on how the company got its start: “Almost exactly 20 years ago, my wife Verónica Olaya and I founded Solutex on the fundamental principles of scientific excellence, technology-driven progress and complete respect for the natural world."

TopGum Industries Ltd. rolled out its high-dose iron gummies, IronGum. The newest addition to the brand's Gummiceuticals line aims to introduce consumers who struggle with the consumption of iron supplements to an effective and holistic product featuring a non metal-like taste. With 2 billion people worldwide – 25% of the global population – battling iron deficiency (according to WHO), IronGum was established to address the lack of palatable and effective iron supplements currently available to consumers. As sales of iron supplements is expected to reach USD 518.7 million by 2028 and with a CAGR increase of 3.8% from 2021, TopGum developed the functional vegan gummy with various doses of iron (ferrous fumarate) using its proprietary TopCaps microencapsulation system to hide any unpleasant flavors and encourage consumption amongst consumers. 

Monteloeder's Lemon Verbena was selected for La Vera Campo Arañuelo Hub, a project that will introduce its cultivation and production to Cáceres, Spain. The hub has granted Monteloeder four acres of land, formerly used for tobacco, to optimize cultivation practices and test out techniques like precision agriculture. The project will also look to help its surrounding communities economic and rural development. “This project is designed to both revitalize this strip of Spanish countryside and to foster the transition from cultivating tobacco to more functional medicinal plants,” explained Fran Cremades, Technical & Operations Director of Monteloeder. The South American aromatic plant was on display at Vitafoods Europe. 

Up Next for Vitafoods Europe

The show will move to its new home of Barcelona in 2025, after 26 years in Geneva. The decision comes after extensive visitor and exhibitor feedback, as well as growth plans, according to Informa. With the global nutraceuticals market expected to grow at a significant CAGR of 9.3% by 2030, the move will allow the event to grow in line with market potential, welcoming more visitors and exhibitors and creating more business opportunities for companies that attend. Vitafoods Europe 2025 will be held May 20-22, 2025 at Fira Barcelona.

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