The Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED)has developed a new infographic that omega-3 companies adhering to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) guidelines can use to help communicate the health benefits of EPA and DHA omega-3s. The handout uses language taken from the Commission Regulations on the nine health claims on EPA and DHA omega-3s approved in the European Union. The infographic is part of GOED’s ongoing efforts to educate consumers about omega-3s. It can be downloaded from the Infographics page of GOED’s website for consumers,   

Taiyo shared the news that, along with its Canadian partner, Mitsubishi International Food Canada, its premium ingredient Suntheanine l-theanine passed the New Substances Program Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) regulations and standards. The New Substances Program applies to a wide range of substances and finished products–from chemicals, cosmetics, and natural health products to food additives. Its product is covered under Schedule 5 with ECCC, enabling Mitsubishi to import and sell up to 10,000 kilos per year of Suntheanine. In contrast, other unregistered theanine is limited to 100 kg per year. 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has pledged a $300 million investment into a new Organic Transition Initiative program. This will be part of the USDA Food System Transformation Framework. It will provide support to a new Organic Transition Initiative to help farmers transition to organic production. This initiative will bring technical assistance, such as farmer-to-farmer mentoring, conservation financial assistance, crop insurance assistance, and support market development projects. The Organic Trade Association (OTA)responded that organic has grown from a small industry to a $63 billion market today. Trade association members highlighted the impact of these critical components in listening sessions and working groups that took place over last year, culminating in an in-person transition listening session with USDA at Organic Week 2022.  

Korea Ginseng Corporation issued a reminder in commemoration of June being National Men’s Health Month. Its reminder highlighted the science and power of Korean Red Ginseng and its benefits for a range of health issues that affect men. The company wants to remind men of its products’ health benefits, which includes: blood circulation support, natural energy for sports, improved cognitive function, improved memory and focus, and strengthened immunity.

Aker BioMarine’s daughter company, Lang Pharma Nutrition, Inc., was awarded a 2021 MSC US Ocean Champion Award for continued dedication to ocean health and outstanding efforts beyond MSC’s sustainability standards. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organization, considered the gold standard for fisheries certifications globally. To receive the MSC blue label on a product, companies must clearly demonstrate that they are achieving high sustainability standards in their operations. By providing certified sustainable supplements to their customers in the private label sector for many years, Lang joins three other MSC commercial or fishery partners named 2021 MSC US Ocean Champions. 

Immudyne Nutritional announced that its signature beta-glucan ingredient, PureMune, has received organic certification from Quality Assurance International (QAI). It is derived from baker’s yeast, this fast-acting, proprietary formula activates all three parts of the immune system: Dectin-1, toll-like receptors, and complement immune system. Research showed that PureMune stimulated a rapid onset of action, which allowed for complete immune response within 3 hours. PureMune rapidly activated complement immunity, outperforming others from 100 to 1000 times. It did so at a low daily dose of 30 mg per day. 

Pharmactive has entered a strategic partnership with Nutraconnect. This collaboration expands Pharmactive’s reach to the Asia Pacific Market for Madrid–based Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L.U., with Singapore-based Nutraconnect Pte, Ltd. This partnership brings with it scientifically backed nutraceutical ingredients. Pharmactive will provide its well-supported, clean-label botanical extract ingredients, while Nutraconnect will function as a growth engine for the region, connecting Pharmactive with local and regional nutraceutical players seeking high-quality, pure ingredients. 

Lief Labs announced that the company has launched its Lief University Mechanical Foundations training program in partnership with Santa Clarita’s College of the Canyons (COC). Lief’s employee students began classes at a special event hosted at its Valencia headquarters on Monday, June 6th. This Lief University continuing education program was created with support from COC education leaders, who helped to choose program instructors and course curriculum.

Gnosis by Lesaffreis innovating and updating its Digestion & Gut Health solutions with the launch of its Phages-based ingredient line for the dietary supplement, nutraceutical, and functional food and beverage industries. This is the first product from a new technological platform that Lesaffre is bringing to market, targeting the main drivers of pathogen-induced digestive issues. Phages are highly selective organisms that target and eradicate specific pathogenic bacteria strains, according to the company, and the new product is intended to fight pathogenic bacteria responsible for serious infections, like E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.

Tate & Lyle PLC  has completed its acquisition of Quantum Hi-Tech Biological Co., Ltd, a China-based, prebiotic dietary fiber company. This acquisition strengthens its fortification platformand position as a leading global player in dietary fibres, while extending its presence across China and Asia. Its offerings of fibres are complementary to the company’s existing fibre portfolio and will allow it to have a broader selection of solutions to customers.

Rhythm Sparkling Hemp Beverages has partnered with Tufo’s Wholesale Foods, food and beverage distributor, expanding its Northeast retail reach. Tufo’s allocates over 3,000 food products from manufacturers to restaurants, bagel shops, delis, and bakeries. Rhythm’s relationship with Tufo’s Foods represents a new era of growth for the brand. Rhythm also announced it has formed a strategic partnership with multi-location co-packer, Wildpack Beverage Inc. As a one-stop-shop for beverage brands seeking quality production, Wildpack’s end-to-end offering includes can packaging, decorating, and filling.  

Nu Life Market has partnered with Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC), supported by the United Sorghum Checkoff Program. It will identify current progress and potential growth among their sorghum farmers. Using SEC’s independent third-party sustainability platform, EcoPractices, it will support U.S. sorghum farmers with in-field practice data. Consumers will now have the opportunity to purchase ingredients made using sorghum, with per-field sustainability metrics, tracked by a third-party, to warrant trust in these growers having a positive environmental influence.

VAXA Technologiesadded Örlö Nutrition omega-3 supplement product portfolio to its selections. The brand is home to an omega-3 algae supplement, created through high-tech, Artificial Intelligence in an aquaculture planthouse. TProducts include: Ömega-3, Prenatal DHA and Immunity Boost. VAXA originated a new scientific approach for sustainable and eco-friendly production of microalgae through its patented technology. Every bottle of supplements saves 110 Pelagic fish and 1.1 KG of Co2 eq (equivalent to driving around 3.2 miles). By going straight to the source, Örlö protects oceans and fish ecosystems.

PhytoGaia has published study findings that alpha-carotene and lutein were positively linked to early visual and cognitive development and may be important during pregnancy. The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients. Study methods included Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD) measurements, that looked at pigment density in breast milk and dietary intake of five carotenoids (α-carotene, β-carotene, lycopene, β-cryptoxanthin, and combined lutein-zeaxanthin) from 80 mothers in the first three months postpartum. Therefore, the results published showed how alpha-carotene and its positive association with MPOD during pregnancy and in breast milk, may play a role in development and are derived from the mother.

Sweegenannounced its victory against PureCircle in a stevia Rebaudioside M (Reb M) patent lawsuit. The ruling cleared Sweegen and declared the company's position as an industry leader in innovative sweetener solutions. PureCircle, acquired by Ingredion in 2020, had filed the lawsuit in 2018 in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The claim accused the brand of infringing on two PureCircle patents that covered the manufacturing of Reb M. Sweegen received the judgment that both of PureCircle's asserted patents are invalid. Since it is impossible to infringe an invalid patent, the court's invalidation of the asserted patents ended the infringement case against Sweegen in the U.S. District Court.

Natexpoproposed a new themed visitor trail focusing on companies active in their local communities, to offer visitors the opportunity to target potential new partners on precise origin criteria to stand out in an organic market which is becoming increasingly demanding on this point. Among the information provided: the radius in which ingredients are sourced, the percentage of ingredients from a local supply chain, the place where the product is made and packed, and information on specific labels or regional wording. Natexpo is offering center stage to locally-sourced products. The tradeshow places particular emphasis on companies active in their communities by inaugurating a dedicated visitor trail, and offers visitors an opportunity to discover local French know-how in the form of 10 regional pavilions.

Arla Foods has secured a positive opinion on its Novel Food application for Bovine Milk Osteopontin ingredient Lacprodan OPN-10. The European Food Safety Authority has published an opinion that Bovine Milk Osteopontin is safe for use in infant formula, follow-on formula and ready-to-eat dairy-based meals for children. When this process is complete, LacprodanOPN-10 will become Arla Foods Ingredients’ first product for infant nutrition approved under the new Novel Food Regulation 2015/2283. Products containing Lacprodan OPN-10 will be authorized for sale in Europe towards the end of 2022 or early 2023.

EnvisionWelland Envision2bWell Inc.shared news of its B Corp certification. The B Corp certification process is administered by the nonprofit, B Lab, and measures a company’s social and environmental impact. To become a certified B Corporation, companies must meet rigorous standards of “performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

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