Virtual—From under-representation in research to off-target messaging and product positioning, the industry is missing the mark when it comes to serving women—and missing a huge opportunity in the process. Why is this, and how the industry work to remedy it?

Launching during Women's History Month and continuing throughout 2022, Nutrasource and WholeFoods Magazine are teaming up for NutraViews, a four-part seriescovering topics that impact every aspect of the natural products industry and our ability to meet the needs of our female audience, from shortcomings in the research to shortcomings in messaging and marketing approaches. Industry experts and consumers—the shoppers you want to reach—will join the conversation to give industry members a full, thoughtful view that will lead to a better understanding of the problems, solutions, and opportunities. 

"As times keep changing, it has been refreshing to see how many women are now in leadership roles and as a women-led company we are proud to be a part of this," says Heather Wainer, WholeFoods Magazine Publisher and VP of Media. "Still, we know more needs to be done. Inclusion is an important goal for all, and we are excited to share the perspectives of both industry experts and consumers on how we continue to move forward and best serve women in the industry and our customers."

First up in the series is a webinar that will take place on March 23, 2022, at 2pm ET.Lack of Female Representation in Research: Problems & Solutions will explore why women are underrepresented in clinical trials, as well as in academic research and publishing roles. Just one example: Looking specifically at the heart health category, research highlighted in a special February 2020 issue of Circulation included an analysis of data from, which revealed that women represented just 38% of the people enrolled in heart disease and stroke clinical research. And reviews on the number of women who study and treat heart disease and stroke—and those who are being chosen to publish the research—show that the gender gap in academia is wide. In the case of heart disease, which is a top killer of women, the American Heart Association suggests that the lack of knowledge specific to women could be a contributing factor in disparities in symptom recognition, treatment times and methodologies, and lifesaving support measures. This analysis related to heart health is certainly eye-opening, and the problem isn't limited to just heart health.

During this webinar, industry leaders will discuss why it is essential to foster more inclusive research. Speaking at the event:
  • Dr. Susan Hewlings, Director of Scientific Affairs, Nutrasource/GRAS Associates
  • Karen Howard, CEO and Executive Director of Organic & Natural Health Association
  • Dr. Trisha VanDusseldorp, Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management, Kennesaw State University / President, International Society of Sports Nutrition 
  • William J. Rowe, President, CEO and Co-founder, Nutrasource
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Next up in the NutraViews series:Women Are Your ConsumersAre you Reaching Them? This talk will feature communications experts and consumers tackling marketing and merchandising, exploring why branding and positioning skew male despite the fact that women drive purchasing decisions.

The focus of future talks will be announced