Launching during Women’s History Month and continuing throughout 2022, Nutrasource and WholeFoods Magazine are teaming up for NutraViews, a four-part series covering topics that impact every aspect of the natural products industry and our ability to meet the needs of our female audience, from shortcomings in the research to shortcomings in messaging and marketing approaches. Industry experts and consumers—the shoppers you want to reach—will join the conversation to give industry members a full, thoughtful view that will lead to a better understanding of the problems, solutions, and opportunities.

First up in the series is a webinar that will take place on March 23, 2022, at 2pm ET. Lack of Female Representation in Research: Problems & Solutions will explore why women are underrepresented in clinical trials, as well as in academic research and publishing roles.

Tune in to learn more. Dr. Susan Hewlings, Director of Scientific Affairs, Nutrasource/GRAS Associates, joins WholeFoods Magazine's Heather Wainer and Maggie Jaqua to discuss the series.