Like most of us in the natural products industry, I too chose this path on purpose. I wanted to become a part of a community that not only cares about health and wellness, but also contributes to it.

I began writing about health based on my own experiences — and those of loved ones too — by contributing personal essays to major publications. Soon I found myself writing reported pieces for magazines like Prevention, Women’s Health and VICE, among others. I played a detective of sorts, going beyond what doctor’s orders were and would always find myself at the end of a very interesting road. It was through this process that I was able to interview researchers and doctors, and in turn fell in love with the idea of becoming more involved in guiding people towards a healthy lifestyle.

While writing my first feature for this issue, WholeFoods’ Natural Products Forecast 2017, I was able to speak with a multitude of knowledgeable and passionate industry people who were eager to welcome me into your world and share their expertise with me. The experience of exploring what will be trending in the coming year — topics like probiotics, plant-based protein, CBD,  as well as what types of changes the industry can expect from president-elect Donald Trump — was the perfect way to jump start my role as editor in chief of WholeFoods Magazine.

While I know that I have big shoes to fill after Kaylynn Chiarello-Ebner’s 10 year-long trajectory with the magazine, I am looking forward to sharing my own perspectives and creativity to such a respected and valuable magazine.

I am particularly excited to develop relationships and gain more knowledge from natural products experts. I welcome the opportunity to absorb all this industry has to offer, and invite all industry leaders to have a conversation with me. If we haven't already been introduced, please reach out. If we have already met, let’s have another conversation. My email is:, and my telephone number is: (908) 769-1160, ext 216.

I am truly honored to lead my editorial team into this new year with WholeFoods Magazine, and of course to provide readers with fruitful industry knowledge.WFjcheadshot

Julissa Catalan Editor

Published in WholeFoods Magazine January 2017