Julissa Catalan has been chosen to be WholeFoods Magazine’s new editor, following the departure of Kaylynn Chiarello-Ebner who served as editor for ten years and has played a vital role in the magazine’s growth over these ensuing years. “I am proud to say that I have worked with the best editor’s in the industry and look forward to continuing that with Julissa,” says Heather Wainer, publisher of WholeFoods. “Kaylynn was wonderful to work with these past 10 years and will be missed, but Julissa comes to us with such great energy and new perspectives. Her experience writing for publications like Prevention has equipped her with an understanding of our industry. I look forward to see where she will take WholeFoods Magazine and am sure our readers will enjoy the journey.”

The publication has also hired Skylar Alston to fill the newly minted audience engagement position. Formerly known as circulation manager, audience engagement has added responsibilities of managing WholeFoods’ social media pages so that we can continue to effectively grow the reach of our content. “As publishing is ever-changing, the circulation position, as I see it, has changed into an audience engagement position, and we found the perfect person to spearhead this new position,” says Wainer. “Skylar joins us with publishing and social media experience and is enthusiastic about serving our current subscribers as well as reaching new ones.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine December 2016