As awareness for the many health benefits of magnesium has grown amongst consumers, so too has the magnesium supplement market which is expected to reach almost $2 billion by 2028. Now, a 2024 study offers more evidence on the cognitive benefits of the brain bioavailable magnesium supplement, magnesium L-threonate, branded as Magetein.

Published in Nature Communications, the research was conducted by neuroscientists from Neurocentria and Tsinghua University and shed light into how magnesium levels in the brain control the organization and strength of synaptic connections between neurons. Additionally, the study brought together over a decade of research on magnesium L-threonate and its ability to enter neurons and drive the molecular changes needed for enhanced synaptic plasticity and reduced brain aging. 

The analysis explains how two separate categories of synaptic configurations (based on shape, number, and functional status) determine which configurations are more susceptible to encoding capacity. Weaker synaptic configurations are more flexible and capable of making new connections compared to strong configurations which are neurons encoded to older memories and are more rigid, fixed, and have less capacity for new connectivity. Magnesium L-threonate infiltrates the neuron and increases the density and quantity of the weaker more adaptive connections.

Lead author of the paper, Guosong Liu, M.D. Ph.D., shared his thoughts on the impact of the findings, "Our study not only deepens the understanding of magnesium's critical roles in normal brain function but also bolsters our belief that magnesium L-threonate can be foundational for addressing neurological health."

Dr. Jennifer Gu, Vice President Research & Development, AIDP, Inc. along with Dr. Guosong Liu, hostedwebinar to discuss the critical role of magnesium in creating a more adaptive, effective brain. They discuss the new findings related to neuronal transmission, connectivity and its ability to solve  cognitive issues, as well as how bioavailable Magnesium l-threonate creates a more adaptive brain and recent advances with Magnesium l-threonate and sleep. Watch the webinar on demand.