City of Industry, CA—Innovation is the core of successful new products, and AIDP is constantly evaluating new products for innovative benefits. Once again,AIDPwill be helping to educate the industry on opportunities at theAIDP Innovation Day 2022. At this free webinar, which is taking place on September 15, 2022 from 8:00am to 11:15am PST, experts will provide new insights into key health segments and how to formulate the next generation of products.

Attendees will discover new products for growing segments including heart health, beauty from within, stress, and sleep. In addition, new research on branded ingredients Magtein, K2Vital, and vitamin D3 will be presented. Industry professionals involved in new products from R&D, marketing, purchasing, and management will gain valuable insights that can help lead to company growth.

AIDP Innovation Day 2022 sessions include:

  • Introduction to GG-Gold® and DuoQuinaol®
  • Introducing Naticol®Cyskin & Naticol® Gut, Marine Collagen
  • Keragen-IV New Research
  • Magtein® New Research on Mood
  • Introduction to Holixer®, a New, Low Dose Bontanical with Clinical Support for Stress and Sleep
  • New Indications for Leaky Gut from Livuax®
  • New Research on K2’s Role in Sports Nutrition
  • Choosing the Right Form of Vitamin D3

View the full AIDP Innovation Day 2022 schedule, with speakers and presentation details, here.

Attendees to the free event also will have a chance to get their questions answered, as each session will be followed with Q&A moderated by WholeFoods Magazine Editor-in-Chief Maggie Jaqua.

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