Following news earlier in April that multiple supplements sold on Amazon are impersonating the NOW brand, as well a second prominent industry supplement brand, another report of counterfeit products has been issued.

As Karen Howard, CEO, Executive Director, Organic & Natural Health Association (O&N Health), noted in WholeFoods Magazine's 2022 Person of the Year feature on Quality Activists: “Of course, everyone expects enormous competition on the world’s largest online retail platform. However, counterfeits litter search results, even with the new C of A requirements. They also have a major issue when it comes to illegal claims. If you type in ‘supplements that treat’ (or cure), you’ll have lots of purchase options.”

The latest issue to come to light: Fungi Perfecti reported the discovery of multiple unauthorized accounts on selling counterfeit products using the brand name Host Defense Mushrooms. Fungi Perfecti conducts routine brand control efforts, and during this process the company began investigating several unauthorized sellers. Fungi Perfecti spotted irregularities in both product packaging and contents inside the capsules.

Four Host Defense products are being imitated: 

  • MyCommunity 120-ct
  • Stamets 7 120-ct
  • Lion's Mane 120-ct
  • Turkey Tail 120-ct

Fungi Perfecti stressed that some of the counterfeit products tested positive for two known allergens: soy and gluten. Authentic Host Defense Mushrooms supplements are gluten-free and are not formulated with soy, the company said. 

Indications of a counterfeit product

Fungi Perfecti, LLC
Fungi Perfecti noted that, at first glance the counterfeit products  may look like authentic Host Defense supplements. On closer inspection, Fungi Perfecti identified multiple telltale differences between authentic products and the fakes, as outlined below:
  • Virtually all counterfeit product arrives inside a small black plastic bag that fits one carton of product
  • The counterfeit MyCommunity carton contains a misspelling of the word "Multi" on the primary display panel (it reads "Muiti")
  • The bottom of the bottles of most counterfeit product contain an abnormally large "200 CC" imprint/marking that is not consistent with authentic Host Defense packaging

Fungi Perfecti reported that the company is "actively working to resolve this consumer safety threat and considers this matter of the highest priority." Enforcement actions are being taken, and the company is working within's brand control systems to restrict sales of counterfeit Host Defense products.

"Consumer safety is our top priority," ," said Paul Stamets, founder of Fungi Perfecti. "Our team will continue diligent efforts to find the source of the counterfeiting and stop fraudulent sales on the Amazon platform."

Retailers focused on consumer safety

The company added that consumers can purchase safe, authentic Host Defense products directly from the manufacturer on and, as well as in-store at trusted, authorized retailers including independent health food stores nationwide, as well as Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, and The Vitamin Shoppe.

Authorized e-commerce retailers include,, and, as well as authorized sellers: NetRush, Highland Health Foods, Holly Hill Health Foods, iHerb LLC, Terra Mater, The Vitamin Shoppe, and VitaminLife.

Customers who have questions about authorized resellers are advised to contact Fungi Perfecti and Host Defense customer service at or (877) 504-6926. 

Consumers who  purchased any of the counterfeit products from any of the sellers below should discontinue use immediately and contact customer service for a refund.

  • CM Priced
  • Linda app
  • React Now
  • Link Grove LLC
  • yallo micol
  • Zennic LLC Store
  • D&D Wreath
  • YU&You
  • Pro Zen Store
  • Budgetman Store
  • Pubbee LLC
  • Summit unity
  • Houston Warehouses
  • Jiffy Deal Store
  • PK Partnership LLC
  • Blaike
  • Lazy Young's
  • Prestige Kitchenware
  • HyG Trading
  • Collazo Commodities
  • WFTLD Store

How to tell which seller a product was purchased from:

  • Navigate to the "Orders" page under the "Your Account" menu.
  • Selecting "Order Details." Credit card and shipping information will be at the top of the screen and products ordered will be listed below.
  • The seller name will be listed under the product description ("Sold By"). 

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