Image courtesy of GNT Group.

Shades of Aqua will be the key food & beverage color trend for 2020, according to a press release from GNT Group, supplier of EXBERRY Coloring Foods.

The vivid blues and greens will drive innovation as customers seek products that reconnect them with nature, the release says. Shades of Aqua will also be powered by a quest for holistic wellbeing, and by a desire for food and beverages that can be shared on social media.

GNT has developed a range of green and blue EXBERRY Coloring Foods made from spirulina, useful for replacing artificial colorants in shades of blue and green.
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This prediction, the release notes, lines up with the Pantone color forecast, which also foresees a focus on blues and greens.

Maartje Hendrickx, GNT’s Market Development Manager, said in the release: “Shades of Aqua evoke marine environments and mountain landscapes, conveying a sense of health and wholesomeness and strong links with the outdoors. Green is rooted in nature. It is a positive identifier for nutrition and signifies freshness and organic goodness. Blue evokes the ocean garden. It conveys a sense of relaxation and calm and is impactful on social media.”