What's going to be capturing our eye and tantalizing tastebuds in2023? The forecasters at ADM say 2023 is poised to be a year of self-expression. Bold colors and flavors will influence product development across categories, they say, from functional offerings to indulgent treats.

4 key trend spaces for 2023

There are four key areas that ADM says will capture consumers’ desire for optimism, surprise and discovery, as well as personal and planetary wellness. "From splashes of blue to bright, vibrant colors, along with florals, exotic fruits and spices, fantastical flavors, citrus and more, our 2023 flavor and color outlook spotlights opportunities and inspiration for innovation in the new year," ADM reported.

Trend 1: Bright & Light Vibe Shift

"Many are anticipating the 2023 Color of the Year to be Digital Lavender," ADM shared. "This purple will translate into unique products, such as bubble teas, ice cream and functional beverages, that pull in notes of floral lavender, nutty purple sweet potato and sweet berry, plum or grape." Check out what else is in store.

Trend 2: Fierce Flavors & Saturated Shades

"2023 brings a new wave of self- expression, and it’s a fierce one," ADM says. "Consumers are being drawn to playfulness and excitement, and attention-grabbing saturated shades are back in force (think 1980s). Specifically, the vibrancy, optimism and boldness of deep, bright pink is exploding across categories." Read more.

Trend 3: Exploration of Deep Blue Skies

"Escapism is a key theme for the new year, and consumers are seeking foods that may bring them on a flavor journey and boost their mood." What does that involve? Find out.

Trend 4: Feel Good, Do Good

"Consumers’ desire to proactively support their overall well-being is not slowing down anytime soon," the ADM pros say. "People want to feel good both physically and emotionally, curating their wellness routines with functional ingredients together with colors and flavors that raise their spirits." How will brands deliver? Explore the trend.

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