GNT, the global supplier of plant-based EXBERRY colors, says a bold new era of “Healthy Hedonism” is inspiring a radical rethink of what is possible with natural colors.For its latest trend analysis, GNT explored how consumers see color in the world of food and beverage and beyond. Driving the latest trend shift, according to GNT: Generation Z.

The Gen Z consumer strives to embrace joy and creativity while staying true to core values,  GNT reports. Described as "radical, diverse, and digitally native," Gen Z is changing global attitudes toward food and drink.

GNT explains that Gen Z shoppers are:

  • committed to holistic wellness
  • actively promoting environmental and social agendas through their purchases
  • devoted to social media, which makes visual impact important
This consumer behavior can be described as Healthy Hedonism, GNT explains. The company is forecasting that this ethos with "spark a global surge in demand for eye-catching products that are good for people and planet."

Healthy hedonism impacts natural colors.

GNT's examples:
  • Soft-play pastel shades are being used to redefine what “healthy and sustainable” looks like.
  • Psychedelic color schemes work in harmony with mind-boosting ingredients to tap into new-age wellbeing.
  • Bright, clashing color combinations can enable brands to create virtuous products that satisfy the desire for creativity and self-expression.
“Healthy Hedonism resonates with the new generation of conscious consumers who are determined to rewrite the rules," said Maartje Hendrickx, Market Development Manager at GNT Group, in a press release. "To tap into the trend, brands need to celebrate disruption and adopt a new visual language for products that are both healthy and environmentally sound. Earthy colors are no longer a necessity—it’s time to be bold, be creative, and make people smile.”

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Learn more about the healthy hedonism trend and impact on food and beverage colorshere. GNT notes that its EXBERRY colors, which are plant-based concentrates created from non-GMO fruit, vegetables, and plants using traditional physical processing methods, are available in shades spanning the full spectrum that fit the trend.

Julia Meyer, Healthy Hedonism trend specialist at GNT Group, added, “We have vast experience and expertise in bringing spectacular color concepts to life in food and drink using our plant-based EXBERRY concentrates. We’re here to inspire brands to tap into modern consumers’ emotional needs through color and unleash their products’ true potential.”