San Francisco, CA - Sun Basket wants to help people manage their diabetes.

The San Francisco-based healthy meal kit delivery service has launched a Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plan for those with diabetes.  All of the meals have been chosen in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association®(ADA).

“Healthy eating is not one-size-fits-all,” says Adam Zbar, Webby winner and CEO andco-founder of Sun Basket. “More than 30 million Americans have diabetes, and an additional 84 million with pre-diabetes, so we wanted to create a Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plan featuring amazing flavors that also meets the recommended nutrition goals for people with diabetes.  In collaboration with the ADA, we look forward to helping Americans with diabetes make healthy cooking easy, delicious, and fun again.”

The recipes, created by co-founder and executive chef Justine Kelly, the former head chef at the Slanted Door, a James Beard Award-winning restaurant, emphasize nutrient-rich, high-fiber foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables, as research has suggested that dietary fiber can be helpful in managing glucose. They are also low in sodium, sugar and calories.

For Zbar, Sun Baskets is a personal mission. "I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but once I became an entrepreneur, I gained 50 pounds. I'd just turned 40, and my dad, a doctor, told me I had to lose the weight. I lost it within three to four months, 100% through diet," he says.  Initially he stuck to broiled chicken and broccoli, but soon realized that food could be healthy and delicious.  And the philosophy behind Sun Baskets was born.

Sample recipes from the plan include  Salmon Cakes with Celery Salad and Tahini Goddess Dressing, Manhattan-style Cod Chowder with Potatoes and Fennel, and Harissa-Rubbed Chicken with Artichoke Tapenade and Seared Romaine.

Created in 2014, this meal plan is the latest installation in Sun Basket’s Healthy Personal Choice Platform and part of the brand’s mission to meet the various dietary needs and preferences of consumers. Last year, Sun Basket announced a meal plan that was certified by the American Heart Association®.  The company recently hit $300M Annual Revenue Run Rate (ARR), and announced $57.8 million in new funding in January 2018.  Additional Q1’2018 milestones included opening new East Coast and Midwest distribution centers, and announcing Vegan, Mediterranean, and Pescatarian meal plans.

"The majority of Americans want to eat better," Zbar says.  "And because we are satisfying a specific need, we have higher customer retention."

Sun Basket’s Diabetes-Friendly recipes and Meal Plan are now available on www.sunbasket.comfor delivery.  To see the new menu options, visit