East Windsor, NJ— Sabinsa Corporation announced that they have chosen Eurofins Scientific for use of their analytical testing services, making them their global partner for botanical raw material ID testing.

Eurofins specializes in the analytical testing of probiotics and supplement raw materials and will adopt proprietary methods of testing from Sabinsa for testing the company’s ingredients. This is because inconsistency in the testing methods of proprietary ingredients between the testing lab and the manufacturer can create inaccurately failed test results. The methods developed by Sami Labs, Sabinsa’s parent company that are being shared include LactoSpore enumerations in addition to Curcumin C3 Complex, Bioperine and ForsLean.

“As you look at the supply chain, the need for 3rdparty verification is increasing — but it becomes increasingly difficult analytically as new products come to market and test methods are not expanded in validation,” said Anurag Pande, VP Scientific Affairs, Sabinsa. “We believe it will simplify ID testing for our customers to have a lab available with this level of knowledge on testing our proprietary ingredients.”