North Miami Beach, FL— Arteasans Beverages, announced that they will be increasing their current distribution in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions by partnering with distributors BCS International Corp. and Hana Food Distributors, Inc.

Launched in June of 2016 in New York, Atreasan 5-calorie tea infusions are available in over 300 specialty stores in New York City and 80 locations in South Florida. “With summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time for us to expand distribution and reach new customers,” explains Corina Flushing, Arteasan co-Founder and COO in a press release. “People are seeking a refreshing, better-for-you beverage to beat the heat, and we’re certain that our one-of-a-kind 5-calorie functional iced teas will quickly become a season favorite.”

Artesean will benefit from BCS and Hana Food’s combined 1,500 retailer clientele base, as well as their sales teams who have a network of retailers and consumers that Arteasan has not had previous contact with.

“By partnering with two of the top distributors in the natural industry, we can more quickly expand in strategic states and thereby strengthen our presence in our core region -- the East Coast,” says Fernando Rodriguez, Arteasan founder and CEO. “These new relationships represent the next step in our journey to becoming a national brand.”

Artesean has been taking steps to expand since its inception in June of 2016. To help with their focus on expansion, the firm recently partnered with UNFI, Next, a pioneer program designed by United Natural Foods that assists in identifying and growing new brands. Artesean had made these alliances in the hopes that these existing companies will assist in their end goal of successful growth.