National Hydration Day—June 23—is here, and Nuun is celebrating by donating 20% of all profits to theSurf Rider Foundationto help protect and preserve the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. Plus, anyone who purchases $50 or more of Nuun products will receive a custom branded Takeya water bottle.

Hydration is vital—a blog postonwww.NuunLife.comexplains that dehydration can cause fatigue, weight gain, heart complications, and brittle hair and skin, so people who are experiencing these things with no idea why may find the explanation in dehydration. “First off, there’s nothing wrong with gaining weight as long as you’re healthy," the writer shares. "However, if you're gaining weight and wondering why—it could be dehydration. Have you ever wondered why you keep reaching for snacks but are still unsatisfied with something? It may be because you’re thirsty.”

Dehydration can drain energy, too. As Nuun reports:  “You might not think that not getting enough water is too big of a deal, but it might be the reason why you’ve been feeling tired. Most people probably don’t associate fatigue with not drinking enough water, but yes, there’s a connection. Remember, people are made up mostly of H2O, so it’s hard for your body to function properly without it. Water carries essential nutrients to your cells, giving you the energy to go about your day.”

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Nuun recommends keeping track of water intake. The blog notes that while 8 glasses of water daily is the standard, it may not be enough, depending on an individual’s fitness routine, diet, and bodily requirements. It recommends that people track water intake and note how they feel for a week or so, which can help individuals adjust water intake to appropriate levels.

More information about hydration, its health effects, and its importance in a fitness routine can be found