On December 4, you could find yourself with some free frozen treats from GoodPop Frozen Pops, just by pledging to do a good deed this holiday season, according to a press release.

In celebration of National Cookie Day, the frozen treat company is giving away four-packs of its #1 seller, Cookies n’ Cream, to 50 customers who take the Pledge Good Challenge. For every pledge received, GoodPop will donate $1 to various non-profit partners.

When speaking of the initiative, CEO Daniel Goetz had this to say: “The good in our name isn’t just about the ingredients we use or the way our products taste, it’s an integral part of GoodPop’s mission to use our frozen treats as a vehicle to do social and environmental good. We are committed to donating for every person who pledges to do something good. Our goal is to create a ripple effect that brings more into people’s lives and creates positive change.”

To take the pledge, head to http://www.goodpops.com/pledge.