Spring, TX—Trust Transparency Center released the results of a national survey of 1,003 U.S. supplement consumers, according to a press release. The findings: 64% of respondents take a supplement daily, and 57% of supplement users spend $20 or more monthly on supplements.

The top five health concerns reported were:
  • Anxiety or stress (30%)
  • High blood pressure (26%)
  • Joint or other pain (25%)
  • High cholesterol (24%)
  • Lack of Energy (24%)
The release notes that fish oil, vitamin D, and probiotics have reached “nearly complete awareness” among supplement users, while collagen and protein powder are experiencing the largest increase in usage. Prebiotics and synbiotics are gaining traction, but 29% of respondents still think of prebiotics as just fiber.
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The press release noted that 69% of younger supplement users’ purchases were influenced by sustainability factors.

Len Monheit, Trust Transparency Center, said in the release: "We're not surprised that this is a patient process – growing supplement awareness. Education and experience lead to loyal customers, but a lot of work needs to be done. This can be seen with prebiotics where more education is needed on what exactly a prebiotic is. With collagen, turmeric and astaxanthin, there are also significant education gaps. Regular users of a particular supplement are generally confident in their knowledge even if they don't know everything they should/could. This survey found a strong correlation between supplement knowledge, experience of benefits and usage levels."