TheGlobal Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), in partnership withTrust Transparency Center, has published market research on supplement consumers in the U.S. The report, based on market research done on 1,000 U.S. consumers in June 2021, covers:
  • Demographics of the typical omega-3 consumer;
  • Monthly spend, on average, on omega-3 supplements;
  • Omega-3 consumers’ health concerns, with a look at how they compare to the typical supplement consumer, and how concerns change for different age demographics;
  • Product attributes that impact purchase decisions;
  • Factors driving omega-3 supplement usage; and
  • The importance of transparency and sustainability to the U.S. consumer.
“One of the things we learned in this report is that a majority of those surveyed believe in omega-3s and/or experience the benefits for themselves,” said Ellen Schutt, GOED Executive Director, in the release. “Other data and insights uncovered in this report would be helpful for both manufacturers and marketers who target consumers in the U.S.”

The report is available for purchase online for $599. GOED members can obtain the report at a discounted rate. Learn morehere.