Since 2009, Aslıhan Koruyan Sabancı has dedicated herself to creating awareness of healthy eating and healthy living.

In 2012 she wroteGluten Free Mediterranean Cuisine – ­Invaluable Recommendations for a Healthy Immune System, which received “Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook in the World.” The 320 page book, enriched with photos, presents 170 tried and tested, easy and tasty Mediterranean Cuisine recipes prepared with easy-to-find ingredients. The book presents nutrition analysis charts, showing the total values of vitamins and antioxidants that help fortify the immune system, as well as carbohydrate, protein, fiber and oil, as well as folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, niacin, vitamins D, E, A, C, B1 and B2 for each recipe.

In 2016, she wrote Health and Beauty Home Remedies Natural Recipes–Recommendations, which received the “Best Diet Book in the World” award for Lifestyle Body and Soul in 2016. Decorated with beautiful pictures and illustrations, the book is 129 pages, full of practical recipes and recommendations that you can easily prepare and apply at home.

When introducing her book, Aslıhan Koruyan Sabancı says: “The journey to a healthy, happy life begins with looking after your physical and psychological health. During our busy, everyday routines, we always run from one engagement to another. Taking some time to rejuvenate ourselves will not only increase our own health and happiness but also will enhance well-being of our loved ones. In myHealth and Beauty Home Remediesbook, I share my personal recommendations and recipes which I use everyday. I find these recipes very helpful, practical and easy to use. I wish all of my readers a happy, healthy life.”Health and Beauty Home Remedies Natural Recipes-Recommendationsis all gluten–free — a first in Turkey, and one of the few in the world. Aslıhan Koruyan Sabancı presents her recipes and recommendations in six chapters. The first chapter is about dedicating time for yourself by doing twelve essential sun salutation exercises, preparing home made eye pillows for a relaxing sleep and taking morning walks. The second chapter includes facial treatments to reduce skin pigmentation and to tighten the skin. There is also a variety of natural peelings and scrubs, hair remedies, natural hair dyes, refreshing masks for hand and foot care, remedies for eye care and oral care. The third chapter explains how to rejuvenate your skin and to refresh your home’s atmosphere with the miracles of essential oils. The fourth chapter describes how to benefit from rich vitamins and natural nutrients by preparing healthy drinks and nourishing salads.

Chapters five and six include useful recommendations for your health as well as quick remedies to help fight cough and cold.

In her latest book,Mediterranean Gourmet Cuisine For Children Healthy Natural Lifestyle from Baby to Adulthood,she presented a healthy living style from baby to adulthood. Styled beautifully by Aslıhan Sabancı with mouth-watering pictures and cheerful illustrations, the book is 352 pages, full of practical, Mediterranean gourmet recipes that you can easily prepare at home. Sabancı not only captures her audience with beautiful food styling but also presents the easiest and tastiest ways to cook the most popular kids recipes such as chicken nuggets, hamburgers, chocolate and ice cream in the most healthy and organic way.

Aslıhan Koruyan Sabancı presents her recipes in five chapters. The first chapter explains her recommendations and recipes on a healthy, natural lifestyle from baby to adulthood. The second chapter includes various delicious breakfast recipes such as eggs, omelettes, breads, pancakes, jams, cheese, sausage. The third chapter presents the main course dishes varying from soups, salads, vegetables, rice, pasta, fish, meat and chicken. Chapter four is about delicious gourmet tarts and pastries made in the healthiest way possible. In this chapter you will not only find a homemade pizza recipe but also find homemade chocolate, ice cream cheesecake, cookies and many more…Chapter five contains useful information including recipes for homemade beef broth, chicken broth, ketchup, mayonnaise, canned tomatoes, vinegar, etc…

When introducing her book, Aslıhan Koruyan Sabancı says: “I want to make “healthy eating” as interesting and appealing as possible, for all children from baby to adulthood. I picked the most popular recipes that all the children love, such as sausage, pepperoni, ketchup, chicken nuggets, fish cakes, hamburgers, pizza, ice cream and many more; cooked them with all natural healthy ingredients; and presented with a gourmet and appealing style. I wish all of my readers from all ages will love and enjoy!”

Mediterranean Gourmet Cuisine For Childrenhas 197 recipes, of which 154 are gluten-free and 43 are traditional recipes.

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