Company DescriptionOur mission is to consistently provide our customers with products that show promising benefits to the body when taken correctly, in the correct dosage, and for the right reasons.

Who We AreA.C. GRACE Company has been serving Healthcare Professionals and Retail for almost 60 years. Roy Erickson formulated the product in 1962 after experiencing cardiovascular health challenges. He devised an all-natural form of the vitamin E complex (mixed tocopherols) to help himself feel his best. Based on Roy’s successful experience with significant whole health effects from this superior product, sharing his personal health success led him to selling it to friends and healthcare professionals in the vitamin/supplement retail industry.

Roy lived until he was 93 years old and ran the company until his death in 2002. The company, located in Big Sandy, Texas, and managed by the next generation of the family, continues to manufacture and provide exactly the same product Roy invented many years ago under the name UNIQUE E®. We believe our product is one of the Highest Quality Vitamin supplements on the market.

Our product is the natural form of Vitamin E complex, not the synthetic form found in many stores today. Our product has well balanced ratio of the mixed tocopherols for maximum effect with no additives or fillers. It is extracted from soy beans but it contains no soy oil. It is simply a pure Vitamin E complex mixed tocopherol product. In 2007 we were the first to introduce the benefits of tocotrienols to our partners.

Key Market Areas
  • Vitamin E Complex
  • Brain Function (Get Smart)
  • Pre- and Probiotics
  • Sleep
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Lipid
  • Iron
Major Products/Service OfferingsA.C. Grace provides the highest quality Vitamin E on the market today. We have specialized in Vitamin E complex for almost 57 years. A.C. Grace Company offers mixed tocopherols, tocotrienols, and Aqua E (which is a water soluble Vitamin E). We offer an iron supplement as well. A.C. Grace just recently came out with other products such as Sleep, Bone and Joint, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Pre- and Probiotics, Get Smart and many more.

What’s New?A.C. Grace Company has launched a new product line called ACG Health Products, found at These products are natural and full of benefits.

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A.C. Grace Co. P.O. Box 570, Big Sandy, TX 75755 P: 800-833-4368 F: 903-636-4051 Email:info@acgrace.comYear Founded: 1962 Facebook:

Key Personnel:Jim Capps — CEO James Flint — VP of Operations Mitzi Gore — Inside Sales Manager Angie Johnson — Accounts Payable Ron Cypert — GMP-Shipping


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