London, United Kingdom—A double blind randomized controlled trial published in Food & Function revealed that men who consumed cranberries daily were at lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Cranberry consumption was shown to improve blood vessel function and flow-mediated dilation (FMD). This may help prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease if consumed daily. 

Forty-five healthy men were studied. During a one-month period, study participants consumed 100g of cranberry (9g of cranberry powder) or placebo. The measured amount of polyphenols and metabolites in the bloodstream increased after consumption.

Research has shown that polyphenols derived from berries benefit heart health; cranberries have been shown to be specifically heart-healthy due to their proanthocyanidins.

"Our findings provide solid evidence that cranberries can significantly affect vascular health even in people with low cardiovascular risk," researchers concluded. They added that amounts of cranberry used in this study could realistically be achieved daily, "which further underlines the relevance of this study in the context of primary prevention of CVD in the general population."
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