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How much do you really know about the supplements you take and the companies that make them? In this interview with Gene Bruno, we will discuss the problems that can affect consumers and some solutions.

The supplement marketplace is challenged by the existence of low quality products. This is to put it kindly. Here are some of the issues that have a powerful and negative effect for manufacturers and consumers.

Here are some of the ways consumers are deceived:
  • Products are mislabeled.
  • Listed ingredients are missing or not the stated potency.
  • Products are adulterated with unlisted ingredients.
  • Products contain low potency and/or low quality ingredients.
  • Product has illegal medical claims.
  • Product is a knockoff or counterfeit.
  • Company is not GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified.
  • Company is not transparent and you cannot contact them.
These are significant challenges for consumers. There are solutions if one takes the time to explore and understand the marketplace. If price is your most important concern, then the solution is to simply buy the cheapest product. However, when finding quality products you can trust, you must do at least a little digging. Like finding treasure, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Here are some ways to dig deeper:
  • Is there a history of human use? Some products have been used for centuries.
  • Are there current scientific and clinical studies on the nutrient in general?
  • What do the studies reveal about benefits and dosage?
  • Is the specific nutrient clinically studied, trademarked and branded?
  • Are there studies on the branded raw material found at or
  • Can you contact the company for more information?
  • Does the company embrace transparency?
  • Does the company have any awards, certifications or recognition from others within the industry?
Good companies work very hard to earn your trust and they deserved to be recognized.