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In this interview we are discussing the risks of glyphosate in food production. We also discuss the very personal story of glyphosate exposure and toxic reactions. Finally we will discuss a new certification for the food and supplement industry: Certified Glyphosate Residue Free. MegaFood is the first supplement company to be certified Glyphosate Residue Free for all MegaFood supplements and actually for the entire company.

Third party certifications are becoming more and more important to the natural products industry. How do you know that the supplements you purchase are what they claim to be? It’s sad but it is the reality that you cannot trust all companies and many products that claim to be pure and wholesome are not. Who will assure the customer and guarantee quality, purity, organic and any of the other issues we care about? The FDA only regulates Good Manufacturing Practices and label claims. So who do you trust and why?

This is especially important for a company like MegaFood. MegaFood buys 500,000 pounds of organic foods that they use in their products. These foods need to be certified organic, Non-GMO, vegan or vegetarian etc. MegaFood is one of the leaders in this movement to provide transparency and trust to the consumers. Many of the best companies in the natural supplement industry are also a part of this movement. Responsible companies do many things better than me-too companies. These third party certifications are the means by which this transparency is verified and trust then has a foundation.

In this interview, Bethany Davis will discuss the new Glyphosate Residue Free Certification. Why is this important to MegaFood and perhaps even more important is why this is critical to our food system?



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