Turning 50 is a milestone birthday and an independent family-owned company that can grow to a half-billion in sales by “doing the right thing” warrants some examination.

How the late Elwood Richard founded NOW in 1968 as a house brand for the Fruitful Yield Health Foods stores is a story familiar to many of you. A member of the New Hope Hall of Legends, he’s been honored with a National Products Association Lifetime Achievement Award, the Nutrition Business Journal’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the NNFA Crusader Award, and the American Herbal Products Association Visionary Award.

We chose to focus on the now at NOW and found a compelling story. The company is going all out this year with a marketing push unusual for the industry and each month is dedicated to celebrating a theme representing one of the core company values: Healthy Products, Value, Partnerships, Sustainability, Family, Advocating, Outstanding Employees, Quality, Innovation, Giving, Making a Difference, Looking Ahead.

Thanks to all who made the time to let us in and make this happen. You know who you are.

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Published in WholeFoods Magazine February 2018