Columbus, OH—The Mid-American Health Organization (MAHO) announced its participation and support of Cornerstone for Natural’s ELi Smart Shelf Tagprogram.

AsWholeFoodsMagazinehas reported, Smart Shelf Tags increase retail sales by engaging and educating in-store shoppers. The tags make it easy to share engaging digital content such as videos, PDFs, web content, images, and product content & attributes at the point of purchase. SPINS retail sales data for Fresh Thyme Market shows that products merchandised with the tags did 3x better than the rest of their respective categories.

User-Friendly Option

The tags are built on QR code technology featuring ELi Codes powered by ELi Technology. And the tech is consumer friendly. ELi Codes and Smart Shelf Tags can be read natively by most modern smartphones without requiring a separate app.

MAHO shared that it is supporting its members by bringing Smart Shelf Tags to its retailer and supplier communities. “Product transparency is critical to our retailers’ shoppers,” said  Marcy Kraft, MAHO Executive Director, in a press release. “We believe empowering our retail members to engage and educate their in-store shoppers will drive sales, build loyalty, and ultimately help their customers live longer and healthier lives.”

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James Stolze, Cornerstone EVP of Marketing, added, “We couldn’t be happier to have MAHO’s support of our ELi Smart Shelf Tag program. "Shoppers crave product information more than ever before. It is exciting to see leading brands stepping up and supporting their retailers with great product content.”

Opportunity to Learn More

Cornerstone for Natural and MAHO are hosting two webinars for member retailers and suppliers to learn more about Smart Shelf Tags. Webinars are taking place Wednesday, June 22 @ 2:00p EDTandThursday, June 23 @ 3p EDT.

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