Lake Success, NY—The Hain Celestial Group has announced its participation in and support of the Smart Shelf Tag solution from Cornerstone for Natural.

Smart Shelf Tags make use of ELI Codes, which are similar to QR codes, except that rather than linking to a webpage that has to be maintained, the code comes with a back-end, to be populated with product information ranging from nutrition facts to sustainability information. The codes can be read natively on most smart phones, and don't require the use of an app or website--they're opened just by aiming a smart phone camera at the code.

Smart Shelf Tags are “consistent with Hain’s commitment to product transparency and consumer education,” states a press release on the topic. The tags fit into Hain’s mission to support its retailers by providing product content in-store to educate and engage in-store personnel and shoppers. To this end, Hain will begin updating the content displayed on their ELI Codes for more than 300 of their most popular items, and will continue to update more ELI Codes as more retailers adopt the Smart Shelf Tags.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Hain’s support in this endeavor,” said David Williams, Cornerstone for Natural’s EVP of Business Development, in the press release. “Hain’s commitment to supporting their retail partners is commendable! Shoppers crave product information; it is exciting to see premier brands like Hain leading the way and supporting their retailers.”

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Hain also intends to use its position in the natural products industry to adopt Smart Shelf Tags, pointing to SPINS data showing that thetags can increase retail sales.

“Shopper engagement and education are increasingly important—especially in-store, in the aisle,” said Chris Boever, Hain’s Chief Commercial Officer, in the press release. “Smart Shelf Tags are an exciting solution and we are proud of our leadership role introducing it in the marketplace.”