Flower Mound, TX—OrderDog announced that it has integrated Smart Shelf Tags into their shelf tag printing solutions. The leader in ordering, inventory, and point-of-sale solutions to retailers in the natural products industry will offer the service to retail clients at no additional cost.Smart Shelf Tags are retail shelf tags augmented with ELi QR Codes. The tags are based on QR code technology and can be read natively by most smartphones without requiring an app. The codes make it possible to display rich and content (such as videos, PDFs, web content, and images) to engage and educate shoppers toincrease sales and build brand loyalty.

Smart Shelf Tags support product transparency, shopper safety, and retailer integrity.

Shoppers can easily access enhanced digital product information such as:
  • attributes
  • allergens
  • images
  • certifications
  • claims
  • values-based brand and product information
  • ...and more
OrderDog has completely integrated Cornerstone’s Smart Shelf Technology natively into its point-of-sale and stand-alone ordering solutions. The company says this allows any OrderDog retailer to easily print Smart Shelf Tags.“We want to give our retailers every possible advantage,” said David Thomson, President, OrderDog. “Providing our retailers with Smart Shelf Tags will help them drive sales, engage their shoppers, train their staff, and reduce online shopper diversion. We’re excited to offer this to our customers!”David Williams, Cornerstone’s EVP of Business Development, added,“OrderDog’s retailers are independent natural product retailers – the backbone of our industry, and their technology is second to none. OrderDog retailers can now activate Smart Shelf Tags with the click of a mouse.”

Smart Shelf Tags are currently available for hundreds of natural product brands.

OrderDog retailers can learn morehere.

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