Bogota, ColombiaLuker Chocolate is now B Corporation Certified, highlighting the company's dedication to using business as a force for good and driving transformational change in the cocoa industry. CasaLuker, the parent company of Luker’s Chocolate, earned a 92.8 point grade from the non-profit organization, B Lab

B Lab accredits companies with B Corp certification after they meet or exceed the rigorous Impact Assessment criteria. There are five key impacted areas that they consider:

  • Governance
  • Workers
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Customers

Luker scored highest in the Governance category, according to a press release, which “assesses a company’s overall mission, social and environmental engagement, ethics, transparency, and ability to formally consider all stakeholders in decision-making.” 

"We're thrilled to join the B Corp community and be recognized  for the work we've done to underpin our social purpose and values,” Camilo Romero, CEO of Luker Chocolate. "As a result of our work through The Chocolate Dream, we’re bettering the cocoa farming industry in Colombia and delivering a product that aligns with the high standards and ethics of our customers."

Since launching in 1906, Luker Chocolate has been committed to contributing to the sustainable developments of rural communities in Columbia. This is just another step in the companies mission to progress their business. In 2020, they implemented the “triple-impact approach,” seeking to raise farmer income, promote social well-being in cocoa-producing areas, and nurture the environment. 

The company has also released their Sustainability Progress Report, which aligns with their initiative, The Chocolate Dream. Launched in 2018, the initiative seeks to transform the cocoa farming industry in Columbia by 2030. This will be achieved by developing a more significant, sustainable, and positive future for cocoa farming communities and the chocolate industry as a whole. 

Key points from the Sustainability Progress Report: 

  • Increased Farmer Income: Luker has increased the income of 829 farmers by 20%, a step to achieving the goal of empowering 1,500 farmers. This allows farmers to increase yields, gain access to premiums for producing high-quality cocoa, and receive incentives for implementing sustainable practices

  • Improved Social Well-being: Through The Chocolate Dream, 3,00- families have an improved standard of living, which is more than the halfway mark of their 2027 target of 5,000 families. Some of the resources provided are educational programs, schooling, entrepreneurship initiatives, and more. 

  • Enhances Ecological Conservation: Luker has a goal of protecting 5,000 hectares and has already safeguarded more than 2,600 of them. This includes empowering farmers and communities to become environmental guardians through the protection of forests and water sources, promoting regenerative practices, and decarbonizing their own operations. 

  • Traceability: By 2030, Luker hopes to achieve 100% traceability to the farmer. This ensures no deforestation and no child labor in its supply chain. 

“We’re taking proactive, measurable steps toward meaningful change, and our goals align with our mission to make a difference in the world,” said Julia Ocampo, Sustainability Director at Luker Chocolate. “As a company, we vehemently uphold the values of transparency, fairness, and sustainability in our operations and throughout our value chain. This certification recognizes the work we're already doing and the responsible sourcing practices we have in place. We're excited to continue raising the standards for our industry and aligning people and the planet with profit.”