Midwest: Optimal Health, Princeton, IL  (1,200 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Zand Immune Fast Lozenges
Terry Naturally Quercetin with Vitamin C
Nature's Answer Sambucus Gummies  

FOOD: RX Bar Pumpkin Spice Bar
Balanced Tiger Cordyceps Chocolate Chip Bar
Savor Street Grain Free Pretzels

BEVERAGES: Evamor Natural Artesian Water
Steaz Unsweetened Peach Mango Tea
Wyld CBD Raspberry Sparkling Water

HABA: NOW Nature's Shield
NOW Lavender Oil
Andalou Naturals 1,000 Roses Shower Gel

UP & COMING:  Trace Minerals Beef Organs
Extract Wellness Nirvanta
Cow’s Coffee

Northeast: Healthy Appetites Natural Foods, Plymouth, MA (3,000 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Host Defense Lion's Mane Capsules
Private Label Collagen Peptides
Pure Life Eden Sleep Support

FOOD: Good Health Avocado Oil Sea Salt Chips
The Ginger People Ginger Chews (all varieties)
Foodies Vegan Pumfu

BEVERAGES: Evamor Natural Artesian Water
Upstate Elevator CBD seltzers (all flavors)
Zevia Energy Drinks (all flavors)

HABA: Derma E Collagen Serum
Oneka Shampoo & Conditioner
NOW Essential Oils

UP & COMING: Host Defense Mycobrew Lion's Mane Drink Mixes
Liquid IV Packets
Sunsoil 20 mg CBD Gummy

Southeast: Farmers Natural Foods, Hinesville, GA (4,000 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Irish Sea Moss (all brands)
Black Seed Oil (all brands)
Terry Naturally Sucontral D

FOOD: Outstanding Pigout (all varieties)
Flax 4 Life Mini Chocolate Muffins
Beyond Meat (all varieties)

BEVERAGES: Kombucha (all brands)
Lakewood Beet Juice
Bio Coffee

HABA: Derma E Vitamin C (skin care line)
Dr. Bronner Castile Soap (all varieties)
Emu Oil (all brands)

UP & COMING: Magnesium Glycinate (all brands)
Mushrooms (all brands and varieties)

West: Healthy Me Health Foods, South Ogden, UT (1,400 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Bluebonnet Chelated Magnesium
Natural Factors Fish Oil
Nature's Plus Source of Life Gold

FOOD: Flax 4 Life Brownies
Redmond Real Salt
Califa Unsweetened Almond Milk

BEVERAGES: Synergy Kombucha Strawberry
Synergy Kombucha Peach
Organic Valley 2% Grassmilk

HABA: Mychelle Serious Hyaluronic Serum
Canus Goat Soap
Phillip Adam Lotion

UP & COMING: Boiron 30C Homeopathics
Carlson Labs Right for the Macula
Nordic Naturals Omega Vision

Southwest: Vitamins Plus, Lubbock, TX  (2,900 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: The Cultured Coconut probiotics
Solaray Berberine
Nutribiotic Vitamin C + D3 & Zinc

FOOD: Skinny Mixes Syrups (all varieties)
Siete Foods Chips (full line)
Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn (all varieties)

HABA: Reviva High Potency Collagen Serum
Thyme Out (full line)
Mrs. Meyer’s Soaps (all varieties) 

BEVERAGES: Celsius (full line)
Bang Energy (full line)
Ghost Energy (full line)

UP & COMING: Ryse Supplements (full line)
The Cultured Coconut (full line)
Glaxon (full line)

Trending Spotlight: 


Functional mushrooms have been identified as a space to watch. In Stressed? Tired? Enter Adaptogens, Dr. Michael Lelah, Chief Science Officer, NutriScience Innovations, noted, “More studies are needed, but preliminary findings—plus fungi’s long history as a natural healer—are promising.” In the CPG space, Jamba Dunn, Founder & CEO, Rowdy Mermaid, anticipates greater interest in mushrooms, and sees a growing trend towards functional foods and beverages designed to provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Those trends are showing up across the U.S, with mushroom-based supplements and functional foods and beverages gaining top spots in this month’s What’s Selling. Host Defense Lion's Mane Capsules and Host Defense Mycobrew Lion's Mane Drink Mixes got a nod in the Northeast. In the Midwest, Balanced Tiger Cordyceps Chocolate Chip Bars are trending. And in the Southeast, all brands and varieties of mushroom-based products are noted as up-and-comers.