Vista, CADr. Bronner’s has released its eighth annual All-One! Report, which describes the company’s philanthropic efforts, environmental impact, and developments from 2021. The initiative was named “Leading with Heart.” In addition to outlining Dr. Bronner's support for activist efforts, this year's report gives an overview of the brand’s international donations through the All-One International Initiative. 

Dr. Bronner's All-One Report discusses:

  • waste generation
  • gallons of water used
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • electricity consumed
In sharing this information, the company sought to document its advancements toward limiting its carbon footprint. It wanted to encourage other manufacturers to also embrace transparency and accountability. 

“To truly be a force for good—to helm our company through the headwinds of a pandemic, economic uncertainty, and political divisions—to help advance meaningful impact and a more constructive economy—we must be humble, honest, open, and accountable,” said Cosmic Engagement Officer David Bronner and President Michael Bronner. "We must lead with heart."

Sustainability and philanthropic efforts:

  • Philanthropic efforts. Dr. Bronner's gave away over 40% of profits, totaling $8.6 million in contributions, to approximately 300 organizations whose work advances causes including animal advocacy, drug policy reform, regenerative organic agriculture, fair pay and fair trade, criminal justice reform, and community betterment
  • Regenerative Organic Agriculture in the cocoa industry 
  • Progress toward a fully circular solution to product packaging 
  • A nonprofit training series, as well as its BIPOC-focused small business mentoring program 
  • Employee benefits and company finances. These include: fully-paid health insurance for all full-time employees, and the starting salary for permanent workers set at $22 per hour. Furthermore, the report contains company statistics offering data on the number of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color employees who hold managerial positions; and the total numbers for jobs created and total number of smallholder farmers employed as part of the company’s global fair trade supply chain. Additionally, it details employee health benefits, such as the newly launched Ketamine-Assisted Therapy.
All organizations supported through philanthropic sponsorships and charitable giving last year are listed in the report. View the 2022 All-One! Report here.