Brattleboro, VT—Coombs Family Farms, a seventh generation producer of pure organic maple, has forecasted maple trends for 2019.

The big picture, the company noted in a press release, is that the Farm Bill extended the ACER Access and Development Program to provide grant money to support research and promotion of the domestic maple syrup industry, as well as exempting maple syrup from being included in the “added sugars” line on Nutrition Facts labels. These moves, the company says, will benefit maple farmers.

Regarding specific trends, Coombs Family Farms named five:
  1. Maple may move in on pumpkin spice as the new flavor of Fall, giving a late-year boost to farmers.
  2. The desire for convenience will lead to product innovations. For its part, Coombs has released a sprayable maple syrup, which makes it easier to control portions.
  3. Maple-glazed vegetables will gain in popularity as a way to up the nutrition while coaxing out the sweetness of vegetables.
  4. Maple cocktails will become even more popular. Cheers!
  5. Flavored maple will take steps towards personalization, with DIY flavorings allowing consumers to adjust spice and flavor to personal preferences.