Heerlen, Netherlands—Royal DSM has announced a series of new quantifiable commitments aimed at addressing urgent societal and environmental challenges regarding how the world produces and consumes food, with a deadline of 2030. These commitments cover three areas where the company feels it can make a positive impact: Health for People, Health for Planet, and Healthy Livelihoods.

DSM aims to help ensure accessible, affordable, healthy nutrition, and healthy livelihoods within planetary boundaries, according to a press release. The newfood system commitments are:

  • Enable the micronutrient gap of 800 million vulnerable people to be closed through fortified staple foods and health supplements that deliver a proven and cost-effective method of combating malnutrition; as well as empowering consumers to achieve healthier diets
  • Support the immunity of 500 million people. DSM will promote healthier diets and also develop and launch new innovative solutions like ampli-D, which helps boost vitamin D levels in the body in weeks.
  • Enable double-digit on-farm livestock emission reductions. Specifically, the company is looking to attain a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from dairy production; a 30% reduction in ammonia emissions from swine farming; and a 30% reduction in phosphorus emissions from poultry farming. This will be done partially by feeding cows a quarter teaspoon of feed additive Bovaer daily to reduce enteric methane emission by approximately 30%, enabling a 10-12% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per kilo of milk.
  • Reach 150 million people with nutritious, sustainable plant-based protein foods, through innovations that produce tasty, nutritious plant-based alternatives to meat, fish, or dairy.
  • Support the livelihoods of 500,000 smallholder farmers across value chains together with partners, in part through scaling up DSM’s social enterprise model Africa Improved Foods, a public-private partnership that produces nutritious and affordable fortified foods for and with local communities.
These commitments support UN Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3, 12, and 13. DSM plans to report its progress every year in its Integrated Annual Report.

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Geraldine Matchett and Dimitri de Vreeze, Co-CEOs, commented in the press release: “The way we produce and consume food as a society contributes to major global challenges, such as climate change, malnutrition and poverty. To solve this we need to collectively rethink our food systems from farm to fork. As a purpose-led global science-based leader in health, nutrition and bioscience, we’ve been playing our part and applied our resources and expertise to create positive change for instance through our food fortification and feed solutions for on-farm emission reduction. With today’s ambitious commitments we are taking a next step by making our societal impact explicit and measurable. We look forward to stepping this up, together with our public and private sector partners, to ensure accessible, affordable, healthy nutrition and healthy livelihoods within our planet’s boundaries.”