White Plains, N.Y.- DanoneWave has renamed itself Danone North America, and says it has been certified as a B Corporation promoting social and environmental performance.

According to a companypress release, the company's new name represents its intention to continue its journey with a single identity that's easily recognizable to its consumers.  DanoneWave is the combined business unit of the U.S. dairy operation of Danone, which purchased WhiteWave Foods in April, 2017.

The companysoughtto get B Corporation certification in 2020, but achieved the necessary milestones two years ahead of schedule.

Asreportedon CNBC, CEO Emmanuel Faber said: "We decided that we needed to take our own part in embracing this revolution. We need to rebuild trust as companies, as an industry. I think the B Corp certification is a fantastic way of saying to everyone that this is the ethos of the people who are behind the brand."

To be certified as a B Corp, a for-profit company must pass a set of standards regarding its social and environmental performance and change its legal structure to become a public benefit company.

Some stakeholders are worried that the changes required to become more environmentally friendly will increase costs. But Danone North America's larger suppliers have seen the opposite happen, Faber said.

Dairy is one the company's main ingredients and production can be harmful to the environment due to water usage and waste. The company's largest manufacturing facility has cut its usage. While the initial research involved in reducing water usage was costly, one of the owners of the facility has already seen a huge reduction in costs. Faber said that up to 250,000 gallons of water can be saved per day due to the new technology.

In addition to becoming a certified B Corporation, Danone North America will continue to make progress towards its purpose of nourishing people, communities and the world. This includes fighting climate change, driving more sustainable ingredient sourcing, advancing packaging recyclability, reducing waste, conserving water, fighting hunger, supporting local communities and ensuring animal welfare, according to the company's statement.

Danone North America has over 6,000 employees and over $6 billion in revenue, and is the eighth and largest subsidiary to have achieved the certification.  Faber hopes that Danone's success in B Corp certification will inspire other large corporate entities to make the necessary changes to become more environmentally friendly.

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