ProHealth Longevity has joined forces with Effepharm, manufacturer of Uthever, to manage the quality and integrity of the NMN supply chain, according to a press release.

In 2019, Harvard University researcher Dr. David Sinclair’s research on the anti-aging benefits of NMN was heavily publicized, prompting a surge in interest, and with that interest came fraud and adulteration.

NMN is a natural metabolite of vitamin B3 and a precursor to NAD+, which supports myriad functions essential to health and healthy aging, the press release explains.

However, information released by Effepharmfound that more than half of the NMN products tested contained no NMN at all, and some products had less than 80% purity.

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“There are numerous disreputable companies ripping people off on Amazon,” said Nancy Dayton, CEO of ProHealth Longevity, in the press release. “Those flooding the market with adulterated and fake NMN are not in it for the long haul. And because this is a ‘feel-the-difference’ ingredient, fraudulent NMN can ruin the entire category.

“Because we are on the front line, we knew the spike in the number of retail suppliers and products wasn’t logical,” Dayton continued. “We wanted to protect ourselves and others from what was going on. Our first step was to shore up the integrity of our supply chain and formalize our relationship with Effepharm, manufacturers of Uthever, the only soon-to-be GRAS NMN. Now, in addition to selling Uthever NMN direct to consumers, ProHealth Longevity is the authorized distributor to the industry worldwide with exclusive trademark rights in the U.S.”

ProHealth Longevity is now selling Uthever NMN raw materials to manufacturers and wholesale customers for private label options.