Bristol, U.K.—Natracareand City to Sea have united to “wage a war” against plastic in menstrual products, according to a press release.

There is no law requiring brands to disclose the ingredients in menstrual products, the press release states, which means that many people are unaware of how much plastic is in their products. The release cites a 2019 study that found 36g of plastic in each packet of conventional period pads—2.4g per pad, and 2.5g for the outer pack itself, the equivalent of five plastic grocery bags per pack.

Besides the environmental impact, plastic and petroleum-derived polymer gels in period products aren’t breathable, creating an unhealthy environment that can dry out and irritate the skin, while increasing exposure to dioxins and chemicals. Plus, the press release says, around 2.5 million tampons, 1.4 million pads, and 700,000 panty liners are flushed daily in the U.K., amplifying the environmental impact of these products. Natracare and City to Sea want to reiterate that ‘the toilet is not a bin’ and that plastic-free, biodegradable alternatives like Natracare’s menstrual products can be composted at home.

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Both organizations also have a shared mission to end period stigmas and address marginalized voices in period narratives, the press release states, and are looking to ensure that language is as inclusive as possible when talking about periods while addressing diverse voices.

As part of Natracare’s 1% for the Planet commitment, 10p from every pack of Natracare plastic-free applicator tampons sold in the U.K. will go to City to Sea. This will help support their education, lobbying, and campaigning in 2021, which will address the issues outlined above.

“I’m delighted to welcome Natracare to our family of Plastic-free Period Partners,” said Natalie Fee, Founder and CEO of City to Sea, in the press release. “I’ve long admired Natracare’s environmental credentials and pioneering leadership, so I’m thrilled they’re working alongside us to make periods better for the planet and our bodies.”