Despite growing evidence of potential health threats of bisphenols and phthalates, these chemicals are still widespread in our food. That's the conclusion Consumer Reports (CR) testing of nearly 100 foods. In The Plastic Chemicals Hiding in Your Food, CR outlines the scope of the problem, stressing that chemicals found in plastic, including bisphenols such as BPA, have been linked to a long list of health concerns, with even at very low levels causing harm.

CR noted that its findings on phthalates are particularly concerning, as these chemicals were found in almost every food tested, and often at high levels. The levels did not depend on packaging type, CR reported, and no one particular type of food (for example, dairy products or prepared meals) was more likely to contain the chemicals.

Read the full report here.

Taking action against phthalates

Consumer Reports launched a petition calling on the FDA to limit our exposure to the risky chemicals, and to fully ban phthalates in food packaging and production. CR also has published a resource: Guide on How to Reduce Your Exposure to Plastic in Food (and Everywhere Else).

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