City of Industry, CA—AIDP has secured a US patent on a new combination of prebiotics, according to a press release. Patent 10,881,675 B2 was awarded for the composition of green or gold kiwi extract powder with PreticX, a branded xylooligosaccharide.

AIDP’s PreticX and Actazin—a green kiwi extract powder—were studied together in a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial. Healthy participants were randomized into three groups, receiving placebo, 600mg Actazin, or 600mg Actazin + 1.4g of 70% PreticX for 28 days. Actazin combined with PreticX significantly improved regularity over Actazin alone and over placebo.

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“This patent is a great addition to AIDP’s prebiotic portfolio,” says Dr. Jennifer Gu, Vice President of Research and Development, in the press release. “Our research agenda focuses on providing proven results to our customers. Securing this patent ensures our customers have a verified unique product for daily digestive support.”