Austin, TX—Chemi Nutra has been granted a new patent for Phosphatidic Acid’s (PA) ability to increase muscle mass and strength, according to a press release.

The press release explains that muscle building takes place by mechanical loading—for instance, resistance exercise like weightlifting—which activates the human body’s signaling mechanism known as the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR). Phosphatidic acid has been shown to significantly enhance mTOR signaling, when accompanied by resistance exercise, by upregulating and sustaining muscle protein synthesis (MPS), a process which is directly responsible for converting amino acids into new muscle.

Now, Chemi Nutra has discovered how PA could act on the mTOR pathway, influencing growth of skeletal muscle initiated by load-bearing exercise. It was also discovered that when taken orally, PA exhibited effects on muscle mass and strength gains, especially in combination with adequate amounts of protein.

As a result of these discoveries, Chemi Nutra has been granted US Patent 10,869,843, with claims that its branded Mediator PA can increase muscle mass and strength when accompanied with resistance exercise, consumed orally, and in the absence of creatine.

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The press release notes that this patent and its claims only apply to the specific branded Mediator PA, and not to other branded or generic PA. Any other supplements that make claims regarding PA’s effects on muscle and/or strength gains will constitute patent infringement, which Chemi Nutra will fight “vigorously with no holds barred actions,” the press release states. Chemi Nutra’s customers will be granted royalty-free use of the patent.

Scott Hagerman, President of Chemi Nutra, said in the press release: “Mediator Phosphatidic Acid (PA) is the “Original PA”, the only PA clinically evaluated for efficacy and safety, and the only PA proven to benefit. And now it is supported by an impressive U.S. patent. The science behind PA is current and is very exciting, and PA is supported by much impressive and emerging science, demonstrating its incredible ability to accelerate muscle mass and strength gains faster than through the age-old, time tested way of working out in the gym for months and years in the pursuit of significant muscle and strength gains.”

He continued: "With Mediator PA, men and woman now have a patented, all-natural, and clinically proven nutrient that can really help speed up muscle and strength development, and can also help preserve precious, hard-earned muscle. PA is naturally found in very small concentrations in muscle, however, only in miniscule amounts due to limited presence in foods and limited biosynthesis in the body. So orally ingested Mediator PA, as shown by human clinical studies and as claimed in this new patent, is truly exciting, and consumers now have a scientifically validated ingredient that can really impact muscle and strength like no other nutrient.”