New Brunswick, N.J. —Nutritional ingredient company Natreon was granted U.S. Patent 9,901,596 for3-hydroxy-dibenzo-α-pyrone(3-OH-DBP), also known as Urolithin B, a natural bioactive present in shilajit, for help with weight management.

International patents are pending, the company said.

Natreon was also issued a US patent (US 8,894,993) in 2014 on a combination of3,8-dihydroxydibenzo-α-pyrone(3,8-(OH)2-DBP), also known as Urolithin A, or 3-OH-DBP (Urolithin B) and CoQ10/Ubiquinol, as mitochondria-targeted antioxidants for treatment of mitochondrial disorders.

Both DBPs (urolithins) are bioactive components of shilajit, and the fulvic acids in shilajit have the core nucleus made up of DBPs. Shilajit is a mineral-rich substance found in Himalayan and Altai mountain areas and used in Ayurvedic medicine. DBPs are present in shilajit in free form as well as in conjugation with chromoproteins.

There has been a significant amount of research conducted on urolithins recently. One of the most recent theories prevailing is that the ellagitannins from the diet, especially fruits such as pomegranate, are converted to urolithins by the microbiome in the GI tract, which are then absorbed into the blood stream, providing immunity. Natreon’s research at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has shown that DBPs are present in animal tissue and have significant mitochondrial activity. Natreon is planning clinical studies on these compounds.