Winston-Salem, NC—Natures Crops International has announced a one-hour industry event on September 23 exploring their Ahiflower oil. The behind-the-scenes event will look at the regenerative farming, marine eco-conservation, and emerging health science that goes into the production of this supplement, according to a press release.

“Ahiflower has shifted the perception of plant-based omegas, providing a sustainable and efficacious vegan alternative, and in this inspiring event, we share personal stories, industry knowledge and technical insights that shed light on this small, remarkable flower,” said Greg Cumberford, VP Science & Regulatory at Natures Crops, in the press release. “We speak with renowned industry experts on agriculture, biology, nutrition and health—diving deep into sustainable sourcing methods, and into emerging scientific evidence supporting the benefits of Ahiflower for people and the planet.”
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The ahiflower plant has an overall fatty acid content higher than any other known botanical source, according to the press release. Human clinical evidence has shown that ahiflower is four times more efficient within the body than flaxseed oil. The press release notes that the flower allows farmers to produce as much omega-rich oil as 320,000 anchovies, on one acre of land.

Attendees of this event will gain insight into the science and sustainability of Ahiflower, including:
  • Regenerative, sustainable agricultural practices
  • Cultivating opportunities for farming communities
  • Impact of diminishing sources of marine based omegas
  • Industry need for plant-based, omega-rich alternatives
  • Clinical evidence of potency and efficacy
More details availablehere.